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Epson Home Cinema 710HD Projector - Image Quality

Posted on June 25, 2012 by Art Feierman

Below we discuss the image quality of Epson's low cost Home Cinema 710HD home projector. Below you'll find a great many photos of sports, movies and other content, projected with the HC 710HD. Our ability to serve up to you accurate portrayal of the color accuracy of the Home Cinema 710HD, is limited:  The projected image loses much before it reaches your eyes. Minor color shift due to the camera, (a Canon 60D professional dSLR), a Mac laptop for cropping and resizing, etc.  We use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, then saved "for web" (super compressed).  From there, the image is displayed with your graphics card, monitor, and browser all, further coloring the HC 710HD photos. In other words, they are useful only to a point, as colors are not going to be all that accurate. Rest assured, the Epson Home Cinema 710HD should look far better in your room, than these images look on your computer monitor.

Epson Home Cinema 710HD Out of the Box Picture Quality


Pretty darn good!  Put this projector in Theatre mode and you'll start out with as good a picture color as you could expect from a typical LCDTV, in their best mode.  Dynamic mode is strong on greens and yellows, but is no worse than the usual default (brighter) modes that you see on LCDTV's when wandering Best Buy. The image above from the start of the 2012 Olympics, was taken using Living Room mode, with a good amount of ambient light coming in from the windows.  Images showing room conditions can be found lower down on this page, in the HDTV / Sports section of this Epson Home Cinema 710 review.

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Livingroom mode is a tad brighter than Theater, and definitely a good bit "cool" (thin on reds) but works really well if you have a lot of ambient light.  Living Room mode looks brighter than Theatre, not as bright as Dynamic, but lacks Dynamic's visible extra strong yellows and greens.

Epson Home Cinema 710HD Projector - Flesh Tones

Even with a perfect projector, skin tones will vary.  Directors want different results, the environment of the scene has much to do with things.  That said, the more accurate the projector the less likely it will look really great on some things and not so hot on others.  This Epson does a really nice job on just about all skin tones. Below are three James Bond images from Casino Royale. Each has a different lighting scenario. The first - full sunlight, the second image; indoor fluorescent, and finally, a nighttime photo. As one would expect, that causes each image of James Bond - Daniel Craig - to have different looking skin tones.

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