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Epson MovieMate 25 Projector Review - Image Quality4

Posted on April 9, 2006 by Art Feierman

This is most people buy big screens and plasmas, and pay more than for entry level projectors. Projectors need fully darkened, or very dark rooms to do their best. Convential TVs , LCDTVs and Plasmas work in all but the brightest lighting, while Big screen TVs need rooms that are only moderately lit. That's why some many projector buyers convert rooms for home theater, or use their projectors only at night in rooms that can't fully block out outside lighting.


So, like with pixel visibility issue, the lower contrast ratio, makes the MovieMate a projector that isn't designed for home theater purists looking for the best image. It is designed for regular folks looking for having fun watching movies on the something a magnitude larger than big screen TVs, something that lets the family enjoy the kind of immersion that you get going to the theater.

As well as these images can try to give you a good idea of the MovieMate's performance, what you see varies based on the computer and monitor you are using. Still, you should be able to get the idea - that the MovieMate must be doing something right, because they do look good.

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