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Epson PowerLite 108 Projector Review – Special Features

Epson Brightlink Interactive Projector Review – Special Features: Split Screen, Wireless Display Technology, 16 Watt Speaker, PC Free Projection, Two Way Content Sharing, Microphone Input, Network Control

Split Screen

With Split Screen technology, the Epson PowerLite 108 provides a handy feature for teachers & presenters who want to get creative with multiple sources.  You can easily connect and display two sources, and customize the experience as best as you need.  If needed, one screen can be made larger than the other.  You can shift both screens up toward the top of the screen or just leave it in the middle.  You can quickly swap the screens very quickly thanks to the fast acting menu.  And lastly, you can quickly pull up a menu to choose which audio source you want to hear, so you can switch back and forth with your sound very effectively as needed.

Wireless Display Technology

Using a wireless module sold separately, the Epson PowerLite 108 can connect up to 50 of your favorite mobile devices like Chromebooks, iOS, Android, and PCs.  You can display any such device on your screen and even simultaneously display up to 4 screens of mobile devices.  For the teacher and presenter that aims to make their presentation interactive, this is a feature you will want to learn to utilize.

16 Watt Speaker

A single 16 watt speaker – more power than most projector speakers have – sits on the rear of the projector and produces sound loud enough and with more than enough quality that this single speaker should suffice for a K-12 classroom or typical conference room or board room needs without the need for external speakers.  However, in larger environments, such as a higher ed lecture hall with 200+ students, that speaker isn’t going to cut it.  There is, however an audio out that can be connected to the rooms AV system.  Having a Bluetooth wireless speaker out would have been also nice to have on board, but this Epson doesn’t have that capability.

PC Free Projection

Use the USB port to connect a thumb drive or digital camera and use the projector with no PC.  You can control a presentation directly from the remote on the PowerLite 108.  The user interface to get this done is simple and straightforward that this option makes for quick viewing in a pinch well within your reach.  Though there is no support for Microsoft Office apps, Epson’s EasyMP Slide Converter enables you to put PowerPoint presentations onto a USB storage device from your computer, by converting them into two file types (with or without animations). It’s simple – just insert the loaded USB storage device into the projector’s USB port and present!

Two Way Content Sharing

Trying to figure out how to best engage your audience?  Using Epson’s iProjection software and a wireless adapter sold separately, the Epson PowerLite 108 enables you to push content from your projector screen, to other connected mobile devices, helping students or colleagues get a closer look at what you’re presenting.

And, to go a step further your audience can make notes on those images and send them back to you for the projector to display when needed.  For the teacher and presenter that aims to make their presentation interactive, this is a feature you will want to learn to utilize.  Keeping your viewers engaged is half the battle when trying to convey information to people.  If you can get them actively involved in participating in your presentation, you are going to leave mark on the crowd.

Microphone Input

This is great for K-12 classrooms and business usage, especially when paired with a wireless microphone.  The Epson passes through, amplifies the mic, and powers it out the speaker, even when the projector’s whole lamp/video aspects are turned off.

Network Control

Using RJ-45 connector to a Local Area Network (LAN), or wireless connectivity, you can tie this Epson (and many others) into a remote projector management system across your entire school or organization.  The ability to cast pertinent info to all necessary places and people, as needed from one central location, is always an effective communication tool for any leader to utilize.  Using Epson’s Easy MP Network Projection and Epson’s Projector Management software offerings, IT, facilities and network managers are able to efficiently monitor and control multiple projectors at once, checking their status and controlling the projectors from a single source. You can remotely power projectors on and off, switch input sources, and Administrators can use the plug-in to send messages or announcements in JPEG formats to one, several, or all the projectors on the network.