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Epson Powerlite 1775W Projector - Performance

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Powerlite 1775W Brightness

The 1775W is rated at 3000 lumens.  Somewhat atypical of Epson projectors, it did not achieve its rated spec.  In Dynamic mode (the brightest), we measured 2606 lumens at mid-zoom range.  Due to the limited zoom range, at full wide zoom, this increased to only 2670 lumens.  At full tele zoom, we measured 2600 lumens.  This was quite a bit lower than the 1735W (which measured 2958 at mid zoom), the 1775W’s predecessor.  Using Presentation mode (which would probably be the most often used mode), the output dropped to 2185 lumens.  This was much closer to the 1735W, which came in at 2357 lumens.  Photo mode, another mode that might often be used, dropped only slightly to 2118 lumens.  Other modes measured as follows: Theater – 2083 lumens, sRGB – 2140 lumens, Blackboard – 1655 lumens, Whiteboard – 1857, and the Customized setting coming in at 2140 lumens.  As the 1775W is not really designed for large venues, the lumen output is more than sufficient for normal conference or class rooms.  It should also be noted that the good color balance in Dynamic mode makes it much more likely to be used for any type of presentation, unlike some of the competition.

Dropping the lamp into Low brightness mode resulted in a huge 45% drop in lumen output.  This would only be suitable for presentations or video viewing in a room with very good light control.


Wireless Networking

Unlike much of the competition, the 1775W not only offers the ability for wireless networking, it includes a plug-in wireless module with the projector.  The 1775W continues the easy-to-use wireless presentation capability we found so appealing with the 1735W.  It allows for simple wireless connection to any desktop or laptop with 802.11 a/b/g capability.  There are two ways to connect wirelessly to the 1775W.  The first, and easiest, is to plug the supplied USB key into the rear USB port of the 1775W to record the network information.  Then plug the key into any available USB port on your computer and follow the installation screens that appear.  This only takes a few minutes and when done the computer image will project on the screen.

The second way to set up a wireless connection is to install the software from the CD provided with the 1775W.  Your computer will see the 1775W as an available wireless network and you can connect to it.

If you need to display videos, you’re likely to have problem doing it wirelessly.  In fact, Epson has removed the video player from their EasyMP software.  Using another player, like Windows Media Player, results in choppy playback with all but the most basic video.  Basically, if you display video on a regular basis, plan on using a wired connection directly to a laptop or video source.

Audible Noise

Probably due to its compact size, the Epson Powerlite 1775W was a bit noisier than other projectors in its class.  It’s rated at 40 dB in Normal lamp mode, which is higher than most multimedia projectors that generally come in around 37 dB.  Using Eco lamp mode, the noise level drops to a more typical level of 30 dB.  Subjectively, the 1775W did not seem louder than the competition as most of the noise comes from rushing air through a relatively small exhaust port, rather than from mechanical noise.  Decibel ratings, just like lumen ratings, should be taken with a grain of salt as neither often adheres to any standard.  In any event, we did not find the noise to be objectionable during normal presentations.

As we noted earlier in this review, the 1775W only has a built-in, one-watt speaker.  This speaker has difficulty overcoming the fan noise in Normal lamp mode, so you’ll probably want to use externally powered speakers for presentations with sound.

Additional Features

EasyMP – Short for Epson Administrative System for Meeting and Presentation, EasyMP allows for flexibility in presentations with such features as follows:

  • Slide Converter (which allows you to perform a slide show without connecting to a computer.
    A PowerPoint file is converted into a scenario file which can then be transferred to a USB storage device and installed in the projector.)
  • Multi-Screen Display (which allows connection to up to 4 projectors for a wide spreadsheet or flowchart).  This mode also allows for the display of a PowerPoint slide, while the presenter’s monitor is also displaying the PowerPoint tools.
  • Presentation Mode (which allows for display of PowerPoint or Keynote slide shows)
  • Distribution Function (which allows for display from a remote computer on the network)

Email Notification - When using the networking ability of the 1775W, either wired or wireless, it can be set to notify the owner of the projector status, reminders or any problems via email.

PCFree – This feature enables you to display photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations and other files stored on a USB storage device, without the use of a PC.  Presentations created with Slide Converter (above), can also be used with PCFree.

Epson Powerlite 1775W Projector - Warranty

The 1775W has a two year parts and service warranty on the projector and a 90-day warranty on the lamp.  While that’s a pretty standard warranty, Epson also includes what they call their Road Service policy.  If the projector fails and you can’t wait for it to be repaired, regardless of where you are in the U.S. or Canada, a phone call to Epson will send a replacement projector on its way to you.  When the replacement unit arrives, you simply use the prepaid airway bill and packaging provided to send the defective projector back to Epson.

In addition, each 1775W comes with a PrivateLine technical support card with a special phone number and PIN for fast access to a support technician.  I was able to try out this feature with a previous Epson product review and was connected to a tech support person in less than 30 seconds.  Overall, between the Road Service plan and the PrivateLine tech support, Epson provide some of the best product support plans in the business.

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