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Epson PowerLite 680 Projector Review – Special Features 2

Epson PowerLite 680 Projector Review – Special Features 2: Wireless Local Area Networking, Auto Iris, Warranty

Wireless Local Area Networking

Wireless LAN is available, but you need to set up the projector for it and install it before it will work. For Windows, you can create a Quick Wireless Connection USB Key with the included Easy MP Multi PC Projection software. For Mac users, or those who do not wish to create the key, you can manually set up this function via the Network menus on the projector.

As mentioned, there is some installation involved. The Epson 802.11b/g/n wireless module must be installed directly into the projector for the Wireless LAN function to work. The module is not included with the projector, and can be purchased separately. Epson warns against using third party wireless modules, so definitely get that if you’re into Wireless LAN. Full instructions on how to install the module are in the User’s Guide.

Auto Iris

Auto Iris, found in the Image Menu, is a feature which automatically adjusts the image in each scene for optimal brightness. The projector assesses the projected image for overall brightness, then will open or close the iris to allow for more or less light to flow through. This happens many times per second.

This is a function that has some controversy amongst projector aficionados, as it can affect the look of a film, but this is more of an issue in home theater rather than business and education projectors. Auto Iris can be set for each color mode that supports the feature.

Epson PowerLite 680 Warranty

Epson’s warranty is decent on the PowerLite 680. It’s a two-year limited warranty with 90 days on the lamp. This warranty guarantees that, if purchased new and operated in the United States, the projector will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for two years. Same goes for the lamp, only the promise is for 90 days.

The warranty only covers normal use in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. It does not cover excessive continual use, consumables such as filters (sorry, you’ll have to buy new ones if yours ever need to replace – not likely), installation or removal, cosmetic damage caused by handling or normal wear-and-tear, damage caused by failing to properly maintain the projector (details on how to maintain the projector come with the User’s Guide) or damage caused by interaction with non-Epson products such as add-in cards or cables.

There are projectors out there that have only one year warranty (or less) and no warranty on the lamp, so consider Epson’s two-year limited warranty to be a good one, if not somewhat middle ground.

Worth mentioning is the ExtraCare Road Service offered by Epson, which runs concurrently with the basic warranty. If your projector fails for any reason, Epson will ship out a refurbished one to wherever you are in the country so you don’t have to wait for your unit to be repaired. Just send back the damaged projector within three days of receiving your new one and get on with your presentations.

The unit will arrive within one business day to most locations. The only caveat is that you need to provide a credit card number for a security deposit of up to 90% of the projector’s MSRP, which will be returned to the card upon receipt of the original projector unit. If you don’t want to do this, you will be directed to your nearest authorized carry-in service center for repair. That ExtraCare Road Service is free for the two years of the warranty.