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Posted on October 19, 2022 by Philip Boyle


Epson Powerlite L730U Projector Brightness - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite L730U is a long-throw laser projector offering 7,000 lumens of brightness.

Epson Powerlite L730U Projector for Presentations - Projector Reviews - Image

This pro laser projector delivers bright and colorful images perfect for classrooms, boardrooms, and many large and small spaces. 

Up to 500" Screen Size - Projector Reviews - Image

The PowerLite L730U projects content from 50- to 500 inches diagonally in a 16:10 aspect ratio or ultra-wide 16:6 super-wide image. Epson provides built-in tools that simplify installers' and users' lives in single- and multi-projector setups. 

Epson says the L-Series of projectors are designed with a focus on convenience and flexibility with features and performance that make all kinds of content stand out. The L730U is virtually maintenance-free, providing a 20,000-hour laser-light-source life, built-in wireless with Miracast, and easy-to-use tools for simplified installation and operation.

The PowerLite L730U offers 360-degree placement, making it easy to mount in many venues. It can also be positioned at any angle, from landscape to portrait.

The PowerLite L730U has just about every type of input you could need, and its single cable solution to the HBase-T box is incredibly convenient. And if that's not enough, the PowerLite L730U offers built-in wired and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Epson's multiple software solutions for the PowerLite L730U make the setup and configuration of this projector fast and easy. Epson provides technicians the ability to monitor, adjust, and receive projector health alerts should there be an issue. Production engineers' jobs are now easier because Epson has spent time creating efficient software solutions that simplify what is often a complex process.

The PowerLite L730U can save shapes in memory which is convenient for multi-projector setups. 

Epson even provides a built-in content creation app to help users develop and share their content and creations for digital signage at retailers and galleries.

Epson Powerlite L730U Projector Black Levels - Projector Reviews - Image

When it comes to black levels, this projector beats any of the Epson professional projectors I've reviewed, even though it does not support HDR. I'm not telling you to run off and make it your next home theater choice, but with the dynamic contrast adjustments, the high-performance light source, and the 3-chip 3LCD imagers, this projector does an excellent job reproducing good black with details in the darker area. Also, the L730U does not have any subtle blue-green hues in the darkest elements of the picture. If you see this in my photos, it's the camera, not the projector.

From a picture standpoint, the real standout of the L730U is its color performance. The preset picture modes are excellent, and the colors look good. There are no nuclear reds or radioactive greens unless you want them. Skin tones look natural. Presentations pop with just the right amount of saturation.

The Epson PowerLite L730U is an excellent professional projector offering competitive features and performance making it lead the pack of fixed-lens high-brightness projectors I have reviewed. The Epson PowerLite L730U is a great choice for many venues, except for those requiring quick auto-calibration of the projector's settings, including zoom, focus, and lens shift, and where complicated multi-projector (more than two units) setups are needed. If the projector's lack of basic auto and electronic features is an issue, I assure you that Epson has another projector that will meet your needs.

Regardless of where it is being used, such as tradeshows, galleries, classrooms, boardrooms, and retail—the Epson PowerLite L730U is a projector that I can confidently say will meet, if not exceed, your expectations. I know it exceeded mine.


Panasonic PT-VMZ71WU - $3,898

The PT-VMZ71WU is the smallest and lightest LCD projector in its class. A compact 7.0 kg (15.43 lbs) body, 1.6x zoom, and vertical and horizontal lens-shift streamline installation while 6-point screen adjustment enables projection into room corners. Command-compatible CEC, HDMI, and DIGITAL LINK support 4K input signals. 

Images stay clear and bright in well-lit classrooms and meeting rooms with up to 7,000 lumens, 3,000,000:1 contrast, Daylight View Basic, and vivid 3LCD color. Visually complex images, such as detailed graphics and fine text, are crisp, sharp, and easy to see, even to those viewing the screen at a distance.

Optoma ZU720T - $4,999 MSRP

The Optoma ZU720T uses a Texas Instruments 0.64-inch DLP imager and can project content at a maximum of 7,500 ANSI lumens of brightness at WUXGA resolution. This professional projector uses Optoma's next-generation DuraCore laser light source, providing what Optoma says is the world's first high-brightness laser fixed-lens projector. The fixed lens design provides users with a 1.8x zoom, horizontal and vertical lens shift, integrated WARPING, and BLENDING combined with a compact, lightweight chassis. This projector offers users installation flexibility in auditoriums, large conference rooms, lecture halls, houses of worship, and blended multi-projector installs.

The ZU720T uses an IP5X-certified optical engine and advanced thermal design for quiet operation with up to 30,000 hours (ECO) of virtually maintenance-free, 24/7, 360°, and portrait mode operation.

Optoma uses an embedded Android OS, quick and easy over-the-air software updates with advanced software functions.


  • Very bright 7,382 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • $4,181 MSRP
  • Native WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution 
  • Epson's proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology provides equal color and white lumens.
  • Laser light source lasts 20,000 hours (NORMAL); 30,000 hours (ECO)
  • Installation flexibility with built-in GEOMETRIC CORRECTION and EDGE BLENDING
  • Projects a 50- to 500-inch (16:10) image and supports 16:6 as well
  • Contrast ratio over 2,500,000:1
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Transmits uncompressed video up to 328 feet with HDBaseT
  • Free Epson Content Management Software and app 
  • Miracast for wireless casting from compatible devices


  • The Remote is not backlit.
  • The image is a little soft around the far edges of the screen
  • No HDR support

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