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Epson PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL Projector Review

The Epson PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL is a large, heavy, very bright commercial installation projector intended for auditorium size venues and/or specialized presentation needs.  This model certainly qualifies as a “heavy metal” class of commercial projector.  The Z10005UNL received our Hot Product Award for its great combination of performance and features.


The Epson PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL is a high brightness (10,000 lumen rating), high resolution (WUXGA – 1920 X 1200), dual lamp, 3LCD projector that is designed for either permanent installation in a large venue, like an auditorium or even a large boardroom, or as a transportable for use at trade shows or other events.  Its size and weight (58 lbs.) make it unlikely to be used as a truly portable projector, except when placed on a cart.

The Z10005UNL has a complete set of connection options for a PC, Mac and other video sources, including the traditional VGA cable, DVI-D, HDMI, 5-BNC component video, SDI, HDBaseT, S-video, composite video and wired LAN.

Its specified output of 10,000 lumens is aimed at filling large screens in large rooms or auditoriums, or where total light control may be impractical or undesirable.  The Z10005UNL also supports many specialized applications where the projection ‘screen’ is not a flat surface.  This includes such uses as night-time projecting images/signage onto the sides of buildings or onto curved or angular surfaces, which is facilitated by the projector’s comprehensive geometric adjustments of the projected image.  Also images from multiple projectors can be joined seamlessly with edge blending.

The Z10005UNL accepts a wide range of Epson interchangeable lens.  The ‘standard’ zoom lens ($1399 MSRP) was provided with the review unit.  A total of 7 lenses are offered by Epson, ranging from short throw to long throw models.  These other optional lenses range in price (MSRP) from $2899 to $4999.

The Z10005UNL is network connectable, allowing for control of one or more networked projectors, as well as monitoring the projector’s status, scheduled maintenance and problem notification remotely.  Wireless networking requires an optional adapter, not supplied for with the reviewed unit.

The  Z10005UNL is one of 9 models within Epson’s lineup of the PowerLite Pro Z series of projectors.  Included are models with lower XGA and WXGA resolution and well as other models with the higher WUXGA resolution (i.e., including the Z10005UNL reviewed here).  These are all bright commercial/installation projectors with rated lumens ranging from 7500 up to 11,000.  The Z10005UNL falls toward the higher end of the Pro Z series. We previously reviewed an Epson Pro Z-series projector back in 2012 with their model PowerLite Pro Z8450WU (Review is HERE) and that model also received our Hot Product Award.


  • Extremely bright, auditorium capable – 10,000 lumen rating
  • Wired or wireless networking capability  (requires optional module for wireless network support, model ELPAP07)
  • HDBaseT connectivity for video and control
  • Flexibility of installation – Vertical and horizontal lens shift, plus choice of seven optional lenses – in addition, projector many be operated from any angle
  • DICOM medical imaging simulation mode for medical imaging
  • SDI input
  • Dual lamp operation, 24/7 capability
  • Use of 2 projectors and an optional stacking frame along with polarized filters allows for 3D support
  • Seven lenses, from a fixed very short throw, to an very long throw ideal for use from the back of large venues
  • Networking and messaging (wireless networking optional)
  • Relatively High Contrast Ratio for this class of projector (rated 15,000:1 with use of a dynamic iris)
  • Split Screen Operation
  • Edge Blending (seemless image from multiple projectors for extremely wide panorama type projection
  • Faroudia DCDI Cinema video processing
  • Sled style handles for easy moving of the projector and some mounting applications