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Epson VS335W Projector Review

The Epson VS335W, while larger than a pocket projectors, produces far more light output and is compact and light enough that it could easily be moved between conference rooms, classrooms or carried on a business trip.    The Epson VS335W projects a very sharp, bright image that provides very good colors.  When operating in its brightest mode, the unit supplied for this review produced just under 3,000 lumens.


The Epson VS335W is a compact business projector with capabilities well suited for quick setup and use in a conference room environment.  At just over 5 pounds it is light enough and compact enough for use by a business traveler needing a projector with enough light output for use in a moderately large venue or where the room lighting cannot be well controlled.  It projects a very sharp image, limited only by its native 1280 x 800 resolution, and offers picture modes providing good color accuracy.   Epson sells a wide range of compact business projectors, including more expensive models offering higher light output and/or more built-in features than this model.   However, with a retail price of just $529.99 the VS335W provides the essential features needed for a typical business application and what it does, it does very well.

Among the other models in Epson’s VS series is the VS350W that, when reviewed in 2011 (Review is HERE), received our “Special Interest Award” for, among other attributes, providing exceptionally high light output for an under $1000 portable projector.  The VS335W is in some ways a little brother (e.g., smaller, lighter, less light output, less zoom range, and lower priced) of that previously reviewed model.


  • Offers a bright image with almost 3000 lumens, in brightest mode
  • Very sharp image provides excellent text readability for business presentations
  • Excellent video scaling performance
  • Picture Modes offered with good color accuracy suitable for displaying video and photos
  •  Optional wireless networking
  • 1.2x zoom lens along with vertical and horizontal keystone correction provides mounting flexibility
  • Great value with excellent performance for the relatively modest price