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Fall Projection Summit 2022

Fall Projection Summit 2022 Event Cover Image

In the latest of our Projection Summit Series, we again sit down with the leading brands in projection, screens, accessories, and more to discuss their latest products and technologies in our 2022 Fall Projection Summit.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for this event, AVPro Edge and Murideo.

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Sony’s New Projectors Deliver a Notable Improvement in Performance.

In the session, we are joined by Robert Brennan from Sony where we discuss their revolutionary new VPL-XW7000ES, VPL-XW6000ES, and VPL-XW5000ES projectors.


ViewSonic’s Laser and LED projectors: the M2W, X11-4K , X1/ X2, and X2000B-4K.

In this session, we talk to Mia Shen from ViewSonic about their latest lamp-free projectors including ViewSonic’s new portable high-brightness LED projector, the M2W. We also cover other notable models including X11-4K Portable 4K HDR LED Projector and the X2000B Laser TV. In addition, ViewSonic also has a pair of new 1080P LED Home Cinema projectors, the X1 and its short throw brother the X2.


The Samsung Freestyle’s unique design delivers portability, flexibility, and high performance.

Samsung, the leading flat panel TV manufacturer, discusses their two new and interesting projection solutions. Their Freestyle projector combines a unique design, smart features, and interesting optional accessories to maximize portability and enhance flexibility. We also discuss the Premiere LSP9T and its little brother the Premiere LSP7 which are Samsung’s first 4K ultra-short-throw smart projectors.


XGIMI’s AURA UST, HORIZON Pro, and Halo+ projectors combine great design and excellent performance

XGIMI is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of consumer projectors. This is due to their product’s great performance, extensive feature set, and beautiful design. In this session, Tex Yang covers several of their notable models, including the award-winning series of portable Halo projectors. We also discuss XGIMI’s more home entertainment-focused models like the HORIZON series and their AURA smart UST projector.

More Great Interviews Coming Soon – Be Sure to Check Back Often!

Thank you to all the manufacturers who took part in our 2022 Fall Projection Summit and thank you once again to our sponsors AVPro Edge and Murideo.