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Hisense Previews an 8K Laser TV, Adds Dolby Vision to the L9G and Talks Future Laser TV Plans

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January 4, 2022, Las Vegas, NV Hisense CES Keynote

Hisense L9G Best in Class Award
The L9G is one of Hisense's projectors that supports Dolby Vision

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Hisense Keynote event, David Vanderwaal, Vice President of Marketing for Hisense Americas, announced that his company, which pioneered the laser TV category, would be introducing and showing an 8K-capable version of its ultra-short-throw laser TV product at the Hisense booth starting tomorrow.

Last year Hisense introduced their 100-inch L9G powered by the company's award-winning TriChroma laser light engine, including the award they received from us here at Projector Reviews. Check out the news release here and the full review of the L9G here. Now in 2022 Hisense announced that the award-winning L9G Laser TV will be updated to offer Dolby Vision technology.

Hisense L9G to get Dolby Vision

The Hisense TriChroma 3 laser light engine helped the company expand its laser TV business by 300% yearly.

The new 8K ultra-short-throw laser TV will be based on an imaging chip using artificial intelligence that reviews every scene pixel by pixel to produce the best image possible. This new chip is set to go into production in the first quarter of 2022. It will be featured on the next series of Hisense flat-panel televisions and 8K video production systems Hisense is looking to develop with key industry partners.

Dr. Xianrong Liu , Chief Scientist at Hisense's Laser Display division, went on to talk for the last third of the keynote exclusively about Hisense Laser TV. Dr. Liu started by pointing out that Hisense had turned the ultra-short-throw laser TV category into an entirely new business with the same expectations as the traditional flat panel television category.

Dr. Xianrong Liu , Chief Scientist at Hisense's Laser Display division

Dr. Liu - "We (Hisense) have seen an increase in laser TV category and consumers, through their reviews, show their approval and appreciate the combination of an extra-large screen size along with the high-quality picture of laser TV." 

Dr. Liu further explained that the US market is rapidly expanding, and with new products and the channel expansion in large part due to laser TV, Hisense can expect a 380% year growth in 2022. Compared to other new display technologies, laser TV has a network advantage of core technologies from the laser to the lens. This provides Hisense with opportunities for innovation and breakthroughs that improve device performance while reducing component costs in the product as a whole, leading to faster upgrades to technologies such as 8K laser TV.

Hisense combined these two recent technological advancements to market the latest laser TV products. First, Hisense broke the 100-inch screen size barrier while maintaining the same brightness level as previous models with a 44% larger image. Second, many 2022 Hisense Laser TV projectors such as the L9G can produce 100% BT.2020 color gamut coverage. The L9G is the first product to achieve this color performance in global TV history. 

Dr. Liu elaborated on Hisense's goals for reducing the size and cost of future laser TV products.

Dr. Liu - "Laser TV will accelerate improving efficiency and integration and by 2024 laser TV will be capable of reducing its volume to only 30% of the current size. Additionally, we expect to receive more than 45% cost reduction."

Between introducing new technologies like the 8K Laser TV and technological improvements with targeted cost reductions, the next few years will be very interesting for Hisense. Based on the roadmap presented at this keynote I think the future is going to be very exciting for customers looking to step into the Laser TV ultra-short-throw projection market. There should be even more compelling products coming to market.

Please come back to as we are going to keep tracking new products offerings in Laser TV and all other consumer and professional projector products.

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