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Hisense Showcases Groundbreaking Projectors at CES 2024

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By Philip Jones

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 was a spectacle of technological advancement, and among the stars of the show were Hisense's latest projector innovations. Hisense, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge display technology, unveiled a range of Laser TVs that promise to redefine the home cinema experience.

Hisense's Innovations at CES 2024: At CES 2024, Hisense left an indelible mark with its presentation, emphasizing its commitment to larger, brighter, and more technologically advanced displays. The showcase included various models, each designed to cater to different aspects of home entertainment.

While Hisense has introduced a 110 inch Mini LED TV, they continued to develop new technologies for their Laser TVs

At this year's show, Hisense announced an impressive assortment of flat panel TVs, including a gigantic 115" Mini LED TV. While flat panels continue to get larger and larger, they are still applications where a projection system is a better solution. 

Hisense's commitment to pushing the boundaries of display technology was evident throughout their CES 2024 showcase. These innovations enhance the home cinema experience and indicate the future direction of projector technology. With these advancements, Hisense is set to continue its trajectory as a leader in the home theater market, offering projector enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of cinematic viewing.

Over the past several months, Hisense has introduced several new Laser TV solutions. In addition to the models that have been officially announced, Hisense showed a couple of prototypes in their booth. This article delves into these projectors' technical nuances and pioneering features, appealing to the discerning eyes of projector enthusiasts worldwide.

Sonic Screen 8K Laser TV Concept

Hisense demonstrated the latest version of the 8K laser TV they first displayed at CES 2023. While there is still no official ship date or pricing, hopefully, Hisense will ship sooner rather than later.

Pushing the boundaries further, Hisense introduced the Sonic Screen 8K Laser TV. This prototype projects in stunning 8K resolution and features a sound-emitting screen, creating an immersive audio-visual experience. Acoustic transducers have been embedded into a rigid ALR screen, which vibrates the screen, generating sound.

Sound from a Laser TV is often detached from the action happening onscreen, which is really noticeable with dialog. In this system, the sound comes directly from the screen, not from the projector below, to enhance the audio/visual experience. To improve the system bass response, the Sonic Screen is paired with a powered subwoofer.

Dynamic Light Steering Laser TV Concept

The most exciting projector at CES 2024 was the Hisense light-shifting laser TV prototype. This unit uses a light shift technology developed by Barco to deliver up to 2000 nits of peak brightness while delivering deep blacks. Most consumer products struggle to deliver over 300 nits of brightness on a 100" screen

Traditional laser dimming technology affects the entire screen. With light shifting, brightness from darker areas of the screen can be redirected to bright areas. Redistributing brightness from darker scenes to brighter areas enhances overall image quality, especially in HDR content.

Delivering brighter highlights and deeper blacks simultaneously results in much higher visible contrast. This results in outstanding HDR image quality. It reduces the need to heavily tone map HDR content so it looks closer to how it was mastered. The boost in peak brightness makes highlight details pop. 

Ultra Slim 4K Laser TV Concept

The Ultra Slim 4K Laser TV was a showstopper for those seeking elegance and compact design. The chassis of the TriChroma-equipped projector was significantly smaller than the chassis used on current Hisense Laser TVs, so it is easier to integrate it into any environment seamlessly. While the projector was ultra-compact, it still produced a bright, vibrant image.

The ultra-slim ALR screen was just 1.57cm thick and weighed a mere 7.5kg. It sets a new industry standard for sleek, minimalist design without compromising on the immersive 4K viewing experience.

Rollable Laser TV Concept

Another innovative concept from Hisense was the Rollable Laser TV. This marvel ingeniously combines the high-performance L9H model with a rollable ambient light-rejecting screen. The design allows the screen to unfurl from a sleek base, offering unparalleled flexibility and a futuristic touch to modern living spaces.

A big flat-panel TV and most Laser TVs always take up a big space, even when they're off. As a solution, when a Hisense projector is paired with an uprising retractable ALR screen, it allows the image to disappear when it’s powered off.

This design is ideal for those who value aesthetics and immersive cinematic images. The Rollable Laser TV Concept exemplifies how Hisense is trying to reimagine the home theater landscape.

Ultra Black Technology Screen

To the Laser TV viewing experience in rooms with ambient light, Hisense showcased a new Ultra Black Technology Screen. This innovative screen employs micro-nano anti-glare film technology, boosting light usage efficiency by 50%. The result is a screen that offers the highest contrast levels and superior light rejection, ensuring crisp and vibrant images even in well-lit rooms.

A significant part of Hisense's CES 2024 showcase was the Ultra Black Technology Screen. Using micro-nano anti-glare film technology, this innovative screen remarkably improves light usage efficiency by 50%. The screen is designed to deliver the highest contrast levels and superior light rejection, ensuring that images are crisp and vibrant, even in well-lit environments. The Ultra Black Technology Screen is a testament to Hisense's commitment to enhancing the viewer's experience in every aspect of home cinema.

Projection Blending with Dual Hisense C1 Projectors

While projection blending is commonly done in professional environments, it is rarely utilized in consumer applications. However, Hisense demonstrated their upcoming projection blending technology, utilizing two C1 projectors. This setup created a sweeping, ultra-wide 21:9 image, offering an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

The seamless blending of the projections illustrates Hisense's prowess in creating expansive and engaging home cinema environments. This technology is perfect for those who seek a more enveloping and panoramic view reminiscent of the silver screen.

Final Thoughts

Hisense's latest projector models at CES 2024 demonstrate a significant leap in home entertainment technology. With their focus on brighter, more vivid images, and innovative screen technologies, Hisense is catering to a wide range of consumer needs.

Each concept demonstrated in their booth offered a unique combination of advanced features and user-friendly design, from the sleek Ultra Slim 4K Laser TV to the immersive Sonic Screen 8K Laser TV.

Hisense's presentation at CES 2024 was a dazzling display of technological innovation and commitment to enhancing the home cinema experience. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric designs, Hisense is redefining what's possible in projection. As we look forward to these exciting innovations making their way into our living rooms, it's clear that Hisense is leading the charge in transforming our viewing experiences.

From the Dynamic Light Steering Laser TV's brilliant HDR capabilities to the Ultra Slim 4K Laser TV's sleek design, and from the immersive Sonic Screen 8K Laser TV to the versatile Rollable Laser TV, Hisense has set new benchmarks in the projector industry. The Ultra Black Technology Screen's light rejection capabilities and the innovative projection blending with C1 projectors further illustrate the brand's leadership in the Laser TV market.

As these technologies make their way into homes, they promise to transform living spaces into cinematic havens, offering unparalleled viewing experiences. Hisense's innovations at CES 2024 have undoubtedly raised the bar for what's possible in home cinema, making the future of home entertainment brighter and more immersive than ever.

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