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Hisense L9G TriChroma Laser TV 4K Review - Notable Features

Posted on October 10, 2021 by 


Due to its TriColor laser light source, the L9G can reproduce 147% of the DCI-P3 gamut and 107% of the Rec. 2020. This incredibly wide color gamut is possible because the Triple Laser light engine's RGB laser wavelengths are specifically chosen to optimize the primary colors of red, green, and blue.

The TriChroma laser light source can reproduce an incredibly wide range of colors

What makes this even more impressive is that it can this color reproduction without the need for a color filter. During our review, we measured about 100 percent of the BT.2020 color gamut. Most projectors struggle to maximize the DCI-P3 color gamut used in most movies these days. There is often a need to apply color filters just to get to a hundred percent of DCI-P3. The L9G measured 145 percent of DCI-P3 in our testing in the Filmmaker mode, which is pretty awesome.

As you can see in the chart below, displaying more extensive colors means you can make a more significant color volume. The bottom of the triangle shows that the gamut measures 107 percent. The height of the graph is dictated by how much brightness you can generate. The more brightness you have combined with the color gamut, the more colors that you can reproduce, and the L9G is rated at 3000 lumens.

Hisense L9G can reproduce colors that most flat-panel and projectors cannot

107% of Rec.2020 is better than any flat-panel TV available on the market today. Multichannel laser light engines create clean primary colors and typically produce a wider color gamut, making them perfect for consumers who require color accuracy in their displayed content.


When designing the L9G Hisense placed a heavy emphasis on accurate color reproduction. The unit includes several picture presets that deliver a good-looking image right out of the box including Filmmaker Mode.

Filmmaker Mode is designed to display content the way the creator intended

Filmmaker Mode was created by the collaboration of filmmakers, Hollywood studios, consumer electronics companies, and the UHD Alliance. Hisense can offer Filmmaker mode on the L9G because they have agreed that the mode will abide by specific industry standards.

The Filmmaker Mode can be manually switched On from the projector's setting menu, it can also be automatically activated by metadata embedded in the video bitstream. Engaging this picture mode does the following:

  • Maintain source content frame rate & aspect ratio
  • Set White Point to D65
  • Switch Off Motion Smoothing/Interpolation
  • Switch Off Sharpening
  • Switch Off TV Noise Reduction
  • Switch Off any additional image “enhancement” processing

The goal of Filmmaker Mode is to display SDR and HDR content exactly as the creator intended by switching off all post-processing for a more cinematic experience on a projector or flat-panel TV.


40 Watt Dolby ATMOS Sound System

For a truly immersive theater experience, you need big sound to go with the big picture. The built-in 40W Dolby Atmos sound system gives the L9G is a significant soundstage upgrade over the typical speakers found in most televisions.

For the true audiophile, high-speed HDMI with Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) allows for pass-thru of high-bitrate audio to your surround sound system. HDMI eARC supports multichannel audio, including Dolby Atmos. If you do not use eARC, the only other option would be to connect the optical audio output. Like most smart flat-panel televisions, the optical output cannot pass the latest immersive surround formats to an external sound system. Apps like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime are loaded with multichannel content. eARC is very important because the alternative, using the optical output, will only provide your external sound system stereo or Dolby Pro Logic information.


WiSA Ready

The Hisense L9G includes a nice sound system but for those interested in even higher performance the projector is WiSA ready. Products bearing the WiSA Ready logo are "ready" to transmit hi-resolution audio to WiSA Certified speakers when an optional third-party WiSA transmitter into one of the projector’s USB ports. Because every WiSA Certified component is engineered to work together seamlessly, the setup couldn't be more straightforward. Unpack, plug-in power, and enjoy. Forget the speaker wires and confusing setup.

WiSA transmits 24 bits at 48 kHz/96 kHz. That's twice the quality of CD audio. It does all this at less than 1/10th the latency of a Bluetooth audio device which means no visible audio sync issues will occur. All speakers used in the WiSA system are certified to be synchronized within 1/1,000,000 of a second even when using all eight channels. The system also automatically recognizes audio configurations from 2.0 to 7.1 and even 5.1.2.

emoving the need for speaker wires eliminates one of the biggest hassles in installation hassles and can significantly reduce labor costs if you are having your system installed professionally. In this application as long as the speaker can be plugged into a wall outlet, you can place them anywhere in the room you like. This makes it much easier for anyone to set up a complete home entertainment solution without a tremendous amount of effort, whether it is a simple stereo system or a robust 5.1, 7.1 surround. It also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X systems.


Android TV OS

Since the L9G utilizes the Android TV operating system, you can also access many other popular streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, Vudu, Disney+, Fandango Now, and Amazon Prime Video. You can also download various additional apps and games from the Google Play store.

Hisense is one of the few projector manufacturers that make flat-panel televisions with smart capabilities. Hisense brings this experience to the L9G and provides the same Android TV smart platform found in their newest flat-panel TVs. The projector's menus and Android TV are seamlessly integrated, providing a smooth and well-thought-out user experience. Below are a few, although not all, of the features that make this Hisense Laser TV stand out from the crowd.

Google Assistant

The L9G comes with a voice control equipped remote with a built-in microphone allowing the user to control a wide range of compatible smart devices via Google Assistant. You just press the Google Assistant button in the center of the remote control to activate the voice assistant on the L9G. In addition to the projector, Google Assistant also allows voice control for several 3rd party items like a set-top box, lights, door locks, curtains, etc. Also, while the L9G uses an Android TV operating system for enhanced flexibility, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Netflix, YouTube, Disney+

The L9G also supports Chromecast. Juts find a YouTube video or HBOMax show you want to check out and tap the Chromecast icon on your phone, select your TV, and you can send that video to your TV just like that.

The L9G has built-in wireless networking for users who want to move the projector from room to room while still accessing the unit's internal apps and services. The projector's media player can access files via USB to play all media types (videos, MP3, photos, etc.). You can also wirelessly stream videos, photos, and music from a compatible Android mobile device using Chromecast. The bottom line is, if you're a frequent user of the Google Assistant on your phone, Android TV will feel very familiar to you.


The Hisense L9G is designed to be a viable alternative to a flat-panel TV, so Hisense Laser TV units have an onboard TV tuner which is a must-have for customers looking to replace their flat-panel TV with a projector. On the back, with the other connectors, you'll find the standard 75-ohm coaxial connector used by TV antennas. You can also plug in the coaxial cable signal from a set-top box, although most of today's boxes will offer the best performance from HDMI.

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