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Hitachi CP-A100 Projector - Performance

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Art Feierman
While the main strength of the CP-A100 lies in its ability to be mounted out of the way of the presenter, it also contains other features that the teacher or business person might find desirable. Let’s examine these features further.

Hitachi CP-A100 Brightness

The CP-A100 is rated at 2500 lumens. While that’s not excessively bright, the CP-A100, due to its ultra short throw, appears brighter. With the projector as close as it is to the screen and with such an extreme projection angle, measuring the output was somewhat difficult. Just the slightest rotation of the meter toward or away from the projector changed the results drastically and pointing the meter directly at the projector resulted in abnormally high results. Measurements were ultimately taken with the meter facing out perpendicular to the screen, which is how we’d typically do it with a standard throw projector. In Daytime mode (the brightest), we measured 2264 lumens, which is reasonable for a projector rated at 2500 lumens. Keep in mind that a slight rotation of the light meter toward the lens boosts the lumen output to over 2700 lumens, so the CP-A100 is putting out plenty of light. The other modes were as follows: Normal – 2043, Cinema – 1501, Dynamic – 1919, Board (Black) – 2178, Board (Green) – 2006 and Whiteboard – 1271. Both Daytime and Normal provide a good color balance, with Normal being the preferred mode when the higher output of the Daytime mode is not needed. The lumen output of the CP-A100 is more than enough to handle its intended use in classrooms and conference rooms. It could easily handle screens well in excess of the 88” screen it’s paired with in one of the optional packages. However, the mirror is designed to provide the best picture on a screen between 60” and 100”, so you’ll want to stay inside that range as the picture starts to degrade outside of it. Dropping the lamp into Whisper mode resulted in a 20% drop in lumen output. This is not excessive and would be usable even in a partially lit room if absolute quiet was needed.


The CP-A100 provides simple wired networking connection to any desktop or laptop. Upon connecting the CP-A100 to your computer via its LAN port, you simply go into the menu and set up the network connection, following the instruction from a separate networking manual provided on CD. Once connected, one or more CP-A100s can be monitored and controlled from one computer. This is beneficial in a large office or school where there may be multiple projectors used in different locations. The projectors can also be setup to provide email notification of any problems or scheduled maintenance. The CP-A100 only has basic display (ie: web browser) capabilities via its network connection. There is no video support via the network, but there is some additional software (E-shot) that enables display of up to four still images at a time.

Additional Features

Magnify – This feature allows you to magnify part of the screen up to 4 times with a PC image. The position and amount of magnification can be controlled via the remote.

Freeze – This allows the user to freeze an image on the screen

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