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Hitachi CP-X445 - Layout

Posted on September 28, 2013 by Art Feierman


Let's look at the Hitachi CP-X445 projector, from front to back.

A good looking data and video projector, with sculpted lines starts up front with a zoom lens with a 1.2:1 zoom range (20%). The zoom range is on the low side of what you will find in the class, but 20% is very typical of under 10 pound projectors, although a few projectors may offer as much as 50% range, most offer 30% or less. The projector has a slightly shorter throw (you can place it closer to the screen) than many other projectors that it competes with. Also up front are two drop down feet, and an infra-red sensor for the remote.

On top is a full control panel, as well as a single speaker (which conveniently faces down when ceiling mounted. You will also find 3 indicator lamps: Power, Temperature, and Lamp.

The left and right sides each have a three watt speaker.

The projector’s fourth speaker is rear facing. That’s where you will also find all the interfacing. There is a DVI input for digital sources (from some computers, as well as video sources like satellite receivers, cable boxes, etc.). Two analog (traditional) computer inputs are also there, as well as a monitor out to provide the same image as projected to another monitor (you want this if you are using a desktop computer).

For video you get 3 sets of inputs – one for S-video, one for standard composite video, and also three RCA jacks for component video. There are two sets of audio inputs, one for data, one for video.

Command and control from your network is supported though RS-232 (both DIN – DB9 connector, and USB).

Another infra-red sensor is located on the back so that you can operate the projector using the remote, from almost anywhere in the room. You can also hard wire your remote, with an optional cable that plugs into the rear panel. The power cord plugs into the rear of the Hitachi projector, and you will find a “hard” power switch there. It must be turned on, so that the remote can remotely power up the projector. Note: Should you have an environment where multiple projectors are located in one room, hard wiring the remotes will prevent other projectors from being affected when you want to change something on one of them.

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