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CEDIA Expo 2012 News - Part 1

Wednesday - 5 September:  The CEDIA Expo 2012 trade show officially started today with the keynote address, but the trade exhibits don't open until tomorrow (Thursday, 6 Sept.).  However, there are a few news items from today. Sony had their press conference late this afternoon and officially announced their new VPL-HW50ES projector.  This model will replace the current VPL-HW30ES.  Information from the Sony Press Release includes:

Sony Electronics delivers a big screen experience with the debut of the VPL-HW50ES front projector. Utilizing Sony’s SXRD™ (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) technology, the VPL-HW50ES projector delivers significantly brighter and sharper full high-definition video, including 3D, for the home theater enthusiast.

“Sony is raising the bar again with the introduction of the VPL-HW50ES projector,” said Amy Escobio, Manager, Sony Electronics’ Home Audio and Video Division. “Along with many other innovative features, the projector leverages the same ‘Reality Creation’ processing that can be found in our award- winning 4K home theater projector which makes all of your content; whether it is Blu-Ray™, cable satellite or video games, look more lifelike and immersive than ever.”

The VPLHW50ES projector also features an Optimized Advanced Iris 3 algorithm and new contrast enhancer technology to give the projector a dynamic contrast ratio of more than 100,000:1. The contrast enhancer works by analyzing each scene and then automatically optimizing contrast in real-time by compensating for dark and bright parts of the image. The brightness of 1,700lm is achieved by improving the light efficiency of the lamp. These two enhancements work in concert when a user activates the Bright Cinema or TV Modes; delivering a 30 percent brighter image than the previous model, without sacrificing color reproduction.

Like the VPL-VW1000ES projector, the VPL-HW50ES leverages Sony’s Reality Creation processing which digitally restores information lost during compression from the original content to disc, recreating high quality, sharp, full HD images. In terms of 3D, the combination of Dynamic Lamp Control technology, the integrated 3D transmitter and the 240Hz panel drive provide customers with bright 3D images with reduced crosstalk. Additionally, the projector is also equipped with 2D to 3D conversion functionality to simulate 3D video and pictures using 2D content.

Regarding integration and control, the VPL-HW50ES projector features two-way RS232 and an IR input for seamless integration with third party automation systems. The expanded vertical shift and flexible throw distance make installation simple, while the 144 zone panel alignment and pre calibrated picture modes ensure optimal picture quality.

As part of the Sony’s Elevated Standard (ES) line, this projector includes a three-year warranty, 90 day advance exchange and dedicated product support. It will be available in the United States in early October through a network of high-end A/V specialists and custom installers for $3999.99 which includes two 3D glasses and an additional lamp.

Also,  I found a little more information on Epson's new projectors.  Their new higher-end models (e.g., Pro Cinema 6020) will include a zone convergence user adjustment (electronic).  Some Sony and JVC projectors offer a similar feature, but this is the first time Epson has offered this capability on their home theater oriented projectors. While not projector news, but certainly home theater related, Denon's parent company (D+M Group) has announced a new flagship AV receiver.  Denon's describes this new model, in this following excerpt from their press release, as:

.....the Denon flagship includes a host of leading-edge audio capabilities for a powerful and immersive soundscape, ideal foraccurate music reproduction, as well as cinema-likehome theater sound. The AVR-4520CI AV receiver will be available beginning this month.

With its elegant front-panel design, larger character displays, richer graphics and newly designed GUI interface – the AVR-4520CI leads Denon’s 2012 receiver lineup as aclear reflection of the company’s expertise in creating components that truly enhance auser’s lifestyle and “connected” home entertainment experience.

Seamless Connectivity to All Today’s Popular Content Sources, Including SpotifyWith its streamlined new design and easy-to-access front-panel inputs, as well as 4K and 3-D video capability, the 150 watt x 9.2-channel AVR-4520CI provides access to all today’s popular content sources. Notably, Denon recently partnered with Spotify to incorporate the award-winning digital music service in its new and upcoming products, including the AVR-4520CI. Owners of the AVR-4520CI with a Spotify Premium subscription will now be able to enjoy a more personalized music listening experience, bringing a nearly unlimited number of songs into their homes. The flagship also provides access to popular content sources including Sirius XM, vTuner Internet radio and Pandora. The receiver also features Direct Connectivity for iOS devices via a front panel USB input.

Reflecting Denon Heritage of Audio Excellence Superior audio performance has always been a hallmark of Denon, and the new flagship, with its built-in 150 watts x 9.2 channel, lives up to the Denon tradition in everyway. The multi-mono block amp construction ensures top audio quality, and the free assign amp configuration allows maximum system configuration flexibility, making it ideal for custom integrators who want to provide their clients with the ultimate system for every conceivable lifestyle need.

The AVR-4520CI’s incredible surround sound performance is made possible by Denon’s exclusive Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit (DDSC-HD32) technology, which dispenses with conventional all-in-one chips in favor of a trio of high power 32 bit floating point DSP processors. For the utmost fidelity, the AVR-4520CI is equipped with multiple high resolution 192 kHz/32 bit D/A converters, operating in differential mode for the widest dynamic range. Additionally, the unit’s 11.2-channel processing capability has been newly expanded to accommodate leading edge dts Neo:X.


Part 2 of CEDIA Expo 2012 News will be posted tomorrow.  Also check out Art's blog from CEDIA.


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