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CEDIA Expo is the biggest US trade show for home theater and home automation and it is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. Today's blog (Friday 8 September) is called my Day-2 blog since this is the second day the exhibit booths have been open.

Check out my Day 0 blog from yesterday (HERE) for what I learned at the Sony press event and also check out my Day 1 blog (HERE) for projector news from Sony, JVC, Sony, Epson and Hisense.

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JVC Update –

This is a follow-up to yesterday's report on new JVC projectors (HERE).  I talked to Rod Sterling of JVC this morning about of couple of issues owners of the current generation of JVC eShift projectors have raised. The first deals with visible “banding” in the image that can sometimes briefly appear when the CMD function (frame interpolation) in being used. Rod confirmed this issue has been corrected with the new series of projector, but indicated that it is unlikely this could be corrected via a firmware update to the previous generation of JVC projectors since both hardware and software/firmware changes were made with the new series of projectors to address this issue. I also questioned about the status of the long sync. time required for the projector to display the picture when there is a change in signal characteristics (e.g., going from 1080p to a 2160p signal) input via HDMI and Rod indicated there has been no significant reduction in sync. time, as compared to the previous generation of JVC projectors. JVC representatives also confirmed that the new eShift models should begin shipping within the next month, which is a little ahead of JVC’s traditional late Nov. or early Dec. release date for new projectors.

Optoma –

Optoma announced their new UHZ65 projector (pictured below) that should begin shipping by late this year. This is a DLP 4K projector (using pixel shifting) that uses a laser light source and is spec’ed to produce 3000 lumens of light output, in the brightest picture mode. It is said to have 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast (with the help of laser diming) and supports 4K/UHD with HDR10. The projected price is just under $5,000. The picture produced in the demo (under less than ideal conditions) looked bright with good color saturation and the motion handling looked good. We hope to be able to review the UHZ65 within the next few months.

Optoma UHZ65

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