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CES 2013 Wrap Up

This is a short post-CES blog intended to provde a very quick review of the projector related news out of CES 2013.  CES 2013 had very little to offer in terms of new projector introductions and the big push by the video manufacturers was for 4K Ultra High Definition LCD/LED displays.  However there were a few projector introductions. LG introduced the Hecto laser based short throw projector (2D only) that comes with a 100 inch (diagonal) screen.  This package is being sold as a HDTV as it offers a full set of both video and audio capabilities and it is viewed by LG as a viable alternative to a traditional flat panel HDTV.  I would not expect it to be a big seller as the retail price is expected to be near $10,000.  Art mentions it in his blog from CES – HERE. ____________ Optoma was privately showing some upcoming DLP projector models (perhaps slated for mid-year production), but the information about these upcoming projectors was provided under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), therefore no details can yet be published. ____________ BenQ announced at CES they are releasing a new entry-level 1080p DLP 3D projector model W1070 and Art received one for review in advance of CES.  His review is now posted HERE.  This small entry-level model provides an extensive feature set that when combined with this model's impressive 3D performance and good 2D performance places it well above other low cost  projectors in this price range (i.e., $1000).  It has a 1.3X zoom lens and a modest amount of vertical lens shift adjustment.  It also offers a Color Management System (CMS) for precise color calibration.  Both the lens shift and the CMS are not normally found with projectors in this price range. BenQ also has announced a new model W1080ST, which is essentially a short throw variation that is otherwise similar to the W1070.
BenQ W1070

BenQ W1070

____________ Wolf Cinema has introduced two new projectors, using DILA light engines sourced from JVC, intended for sales through custom home theater installers. ____________ Epson introduced their new Home Cinema 750HD projector at CES with a suggested retail price of $899.  This is a very bright 720p 3LCD 3D model.  With the rated 3000 lumens (in brightest mode) and 3D capability, this should be a good entry-level projector capable of putting out enough light for a bright 3D image even with a moderately large screen.  Art has posted a blog on this new Epson model HERE.

Epson Brightlink710UI wall mounted with laser touch/pen sensor system directly below.

____________ As for Sony, Panasonic, and JVC, they had introduced new 2013 models at the CEDIA Expo back in September 2012 and did not announced any new home theater oriented projectors at CES. ____________ I reported in my past two blogs about the 4K Ultra High Definition flat panel TVs from a number of manufactures.  I also reported about upcoming 4K video players from Sony and Red.  See those previous posts (i.e., HERE and HERE) for more information about these products.

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