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IN82 Projector Measurements and Calibration

Posted on October 4, 2007 by Art Feierman

I'll repeat. Color performance out of the box was very good, better than the majority of 1080p projectors.

Setting the IN82 home theater projector up for best viewing, here are the default color temp measurements (Gamma = Film, Color Temp = 6500K):

100IRE 6136K
80IRE 6169K
50IRE 6148K
30IRE 6254K

Just a little on the warm side,

With these adjustments: Everything the same, but changing the gain and offsets to:

Red 49
Green 50
Blue 53
Red 50
Green 51
Blue 50

The results were:

100IRE 6410K
80IRE 6449K
50IRE 6489K
30IRE 6622K

Greens were almost perfect with these settings, although there was just a bit too much in the darker ranges (as you have seen in some of the heavily overexposed images used for looking at shadow detail).

As usual, I only measured Color Temperature at 100 IRE (white)

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Gamma hi-bright Color Temp setting 6500K Measured 6112K
Gamma hi-bright Color Temp setting 7500K Measured 6954K
Gamma hi-bright Color Temp setting 9300K Measured 8338K
Gamma hi-bright Color Temp setting Native Measured 6854K

Bottom Line: Typically the IN82 measures a bit warmer (more red) than the color temp setting would have you believe. Just try to remember that a shift in color temperature of just 200K - 300K, is very, very slight, and barely detectable when watching.

IN82 Image Noise

A classic DLP projector, with a steady amount of noise barely detectable at normal seating distances, even when looking for it. It tested well on the HQV 1080p disk with no real issues with motion artifacts, etc. For the perfectionist, there are differences between image noise performance on today's 1080p projectors, but, for the most part, they are all good to great. There are just too many good/great companies providing image processing software to projector manufacturers, including Faroudja, Pixelworks (used in the IN82), Gennum and Silicon Optix along with others.

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