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InFocus ScreenPlay 777 Home Theater Projector - General Performance4

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Art Feierman


Calibrating the InFocus 777 was very straightforward. I first set brightness and contrast based on the image off of my Firehawk screen (high contast - light gray). As a result, those settings would vary depending on the screen surface you choose.

I ended up with:

InFocus ScreenPlay 777 - Menu

InFocus ScreenPlay 777 - Menu


Color Control

Brightness: 44 (default is 50) at 50 on this unit, blacks were way toO gray
Contrast: 53 (default is 50)

After the usual adjusting, these are the RGB gain and offset settings I ended up with. Please note, again, I do not know how many hours were on this lamp. (Even color will shift slightly as a lamp ages, which is why some calibrators recommend not doing a full calibration until there are 200 - 500 hours on the lamp.

Below are a sequence of images shot off the screen of my laptop, showing color balance. (I've only shown 4 different IRE's from 30 to 100 although I started measuring at 10 IRE...

InFocus ScreenPlay 777 - IRE

InFocus ScreenPlay 777 - IRE

30 IRE

50 IRE

80 IRE

100 IRE

You will notice a "cooling trend" at the brighter measurements... At the lower IRE ranges I was getting termperature measurements from the mid 6400's (10 IRE) to right around 6500K (at 50 IRE) but by the time I got up to 80 and 100 IRE, the temperature increased to 6532 and 6547 respectively. Translation, dark grays shift every slightly to red, while very bright grays and also white, shift very slightly toward blue and green.

Overall the neutrality of the grays was very good. I've seen better, but then, with a lot more playing, I may have been able to come up with slightly better settings. Also, I did not go into the service menus, where it may be easier to fine tune the settings.

Note, all calibrations were done with a signal from DVD passed to the projector via DVI/HDMI (digital). I did not do separate measurements for component input. Nor did I do a separate calibration for HDTV.

Image Noise

Looking for noise in the dark areas on this DLP projector was more challenging than usual, which is to say that I found the 777 to be very low in noise levels for a DLP projector. In this regard, it was cleaner than the SIM2.

The Advanced (Picture) Menu has a Noise control option, but I did not experiment with it, finding image noise levels to be perfectly acceptable for normal viewing.

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