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Sony VPL-AW15 Bravia Home Theater Projector: Warranty

InFocus IN34 offers a standard two year parts and labor warranty. There is no overnight replacement program. That makes the InFocus warranty strictly average.

For this class of projector (low cost XGA portable) the most common warranties are 1 year parts and labor, or two years parts and labor. There are, however exceptions. Epson, for example offers 2 years, but with an overnight replacement program for both years. Sanyo offers three years parts and labor, but again, a two year warranty is standard, and better than offered on many InFocus competitors.

InFocus IN34 DLP Portable Projector Review: Summary, Pros, Cons

If you need a moderate sized portable, but very lightweight projector for business or education, the IN34, overall, is an excellent performer. Ease of use, brightness and a good, sharp image are its key strengths, especially considering it street prices for under $1000.

It earns our Hot Product Award!

InFocus IN34 DLP Projector: Pros

  • Very bright in Presentation mode, good brightness in Film and Video mode
  • Good warranty
  • Good color accuracy in video and film modes
  • Very good documentation, the User guide – a quick guide for setup, is very well done.
  • Good compression technology for handling resolutions other than native XGA
  • Good remote control – it’s very basic, but handles well, an optional more featured remote is available
  • Excellent inputs (2 computer, 2 standard video, one computer input can be used for component video)
  • Excellent menus
  • Good looking projector, solid feel
  • Comes with shoulder carry case
  • Remote allows control of presentations
  • Audio – not sensational, but better than most in its weight class
  • Audio output
  • Monitor output (for external monitors – needed for desktop PC users)

InFocus IN34 DLP Projector: Cons

  • Color performance in Presentation preset – the IN34 is weak on bright reds and yellow, in Presentation mode (although that is typical of most DLP portable projectors)
  • Remote has limited functionality (but optional remote is available)
  • Menu control system, relys on two arrow key navigation instead of four, requires a few more keystrokes to navigate the menus
  • Physical size – With a footprint almost identical to a standard sheet of letterhead (8.5×11 inches), the InFocus is larger than a number of other projectors with similar brightness

InFocus IN34 DLP Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Ease of Use
  • Lamp life (at full power)
  • Physical size
  • Audible noise levels
  • Zoom lens range (1.2:1)

InFocus IN34 DLP Projector: Summary - the Bottom Line

I am most impressed with the IN34. It was fast and easy to hook up and get running, it adapted well to higher resolution source material, and consistantly produced a good sharp image. Brightness was a real highlight, with the IN34 more than capable of handling the workload for all but those who routinely present in hotel ballrooms and auditoriums in front of hundreds. And, with almost 3000 lumens, it can handle those rooms too, as long as the lighting can be brought down to modest levels.

My biggest complaint with the InFocus IN34 projector lies with it’s weakness on bright reds and yellows in Presentation (it’s brightest) mode. Once again, though, its performance in this area is very typical of DLP projectors, as most manufacturers favor pushing out the maximum lumens at the expense of the color. Fortunately, the IN34 still produces a healthy amount of lumens in its other preset modes, with much better color. In addition, I was able to manually create a User preset that was a good compromise, much better on reds and yellows than Presentation, yet still brighter than the Video or Film presets.

Despite the few limitations, the IN34 is a most impressive projector, for portable or fixed use for business, and should also be very good for mounting in classrooms. Its ease of use, and overall simplicity are more than reasonable tradeoffs for lacking a more full featured remote. InFocus has a very good product here, and I should mention, a slightly less expensive version, the 2000 lumen IN32, will save you some dolllars if you don’t need the full 2500 lumens. Our Hot Product Award is well earned!