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JVC V3.5 Firmware Update Now Available (Adds Theater Optimizer)

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JVC V3.5 Firmware Update for Select 4K D-ILA Projectors Now Available

By Diane Jones Just in time for the holidays, JVC is giving JVC NX and RS Series projector owners the gift of better HDR performance. JVC was one of the first companies to offer Dynamic HDR tone mapping in their projectors and now they are making that functionality even more precise by adding a new Theater Optimizing feature. This enhanced HDR tone mapping is available on their RS-Series and NX-Series projectors via a new firmware update (version 3.5) which is now available as a free download. We discussed the picture quality improvements delivered by this update including the new theater optimizer feature in a previous Industry News Article which can be found here: This update combines a new Theater Optimizer smart function with their proven Frame Adapt HDR Native 4K and 8K e-shift home theater projectors' features to further improve the outstanding HDR picture delivered by them. This improves their Frame Adapt HDR (Dynamic Tone Mapping) feature and adds the new Theater Optimizer along with several improvements to the menu for easier operation. We had the opportunity to review the RS3000 /NX9 loaded with an earlier version of the software, and we were very impressed. See that review here:
The main reason why tone mapping exists is to adapt the brightness found in HDR content to fit the limited brightness of a display. A flat panel TV’s brightness is consistent regardless of the room environment. However, the brightness of a projected image changes depending on things like the size of the screen, screen gain, throw distance, and lamp life. To precisely tone map, the projector’s processor needs to account for its exact brightness capability in your specific system. JVC’s new Theater Optimizer combines information provided by the user with the unit’s current status in order to provide a more accurate baseline on which it can apply their Dynamic Tone Mapping algorithm. The user inputs information on things like screen size and gain while the projector knows its lens zoom position, lamp condition, and other relevant settings. Using this information, the projector automatically and precisely adjusts for optimum tone mapping and brightness.
Theater Optimizer and Frame Adapt HDR will result in great looking HDR10 content while eliminating the hassle of having to constantly make manual Brightness and Contrast adjustments from bright to dark scenes or from movie to movie. On top of the Theater Optimizer, this new firmware also updates the projector’s menu layout and adds additional settings. For example, you may want to sometimes make some adjustments if you are going to look at your HDR content, Frame Adapt HDR now features five Brightness Level Steps instead of three. This update is available here: In this update link you will find:
  • The actual update.
  • The update procedure.
  • Reset item list.  Note:  Many picture settings are reset by this update, so it is important to make a written or photo record of these items before performing the update.
  • Description of changes including an excerpt of all relevant updates to owner’s manual. The complete owner’s manual is available on JVC's support page at )
  • Updated screen adjustment code list
  • Link to updated calibration software and instructions

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