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The Effect of lens zoom on DLA-RS60 brightness

Posted on November 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

Effect of zoom on lumen output (THX mode)

Zoom out 554
Mid-zoom 497
Zoom in 414

OK that translates into about a 6% increase in brightness, by mounting at the closest point, instead of mid-point on the zoom.

The drop from mid-point to telephoto is about a 16% drop. As you can see, a person mounting at the minimum distance, would have an image a full 1/3 brighter than someone shelf mounting at the maximum distance. Actually that's a smaller drop that most projectors that have 2:1 zoom lenses, another sign of good optical design.


In my First Look blog about the RS60, I stated I was stunned with the clarity of the image. Interestingly the projector was definitely a bit misconverged, more so than the RS35 last year, which was nearly perfect. This time I got to use the pixel alignment, but the end result still wasn't as well converged as the RS35 was. No matter. The picture looked incredibly sharp. It's like the lens is screaming, "throw some 4K resolution content at me, 1080p isn't even a challenge". In other words, the clarity of the image, seems to be more about the optics than the resolution.

I loved the sharpness, even if the pixel alignment wasn't even as tight as my RS20's. That happens though. HDTV type content seemed killer sharp.

JVC DLA-RS60: Bottom Line Sharpness

JVC DLA-RS60 - if you want a sharper seeming 3 chip projector, I don't think you are going to find one. That's probably true, be it one of the LCos 3 chip projectors - JVC, Sony, and LG; 3LCD projectors like the Epson 8700UB and 9700UB, the Mitsubishi HC7000...; or those pricey 3 chip DLP's, like the Runco LS-10d we just reviewed,

In other words, an excellent sharp looking image, that shouts "clarity".

For sharper, I do believe you will need to find a first class single chip DLP projector that also has excellent optics. The RS60, however, should please all but the most picky.

JVC DLA-RS60 Light Leakage

I didn't really go hunting for light leaks, and that includes through the lens. I would have, if I had more time with the projector. JVC's in the past, have leaked a fair amount of light through the lens, and out around the screen, but thanks to the best black levels around, it never was enough to be significant, even with off white walls around your screen. Until I get a second look to confirm, I'd guess that the RS60 is at least as clean as the RS1 through RS35 series.

JVC DLA-RS60 Image Noise

This is another area where I didn't get into things, expecting to, with the second unit. JVC relies on some very first class image processing from Silicon Optix - Reon VX I believe, which is really good. I never ran my test disc, but expect no problems of note. Will confirm when the next unit arrives.

JVC DLA-RS60 Audible Noise

It seemed quieter than my RS20, but I reserve judgement, I usually formulate my comments about audible noise while watching it, with it a couple feet from my head. It's been weeks since it was here. The RS60 is supposed to be brighter (even if we can't really find the extra lumen), we expect it to generate more heat from different lamp. But it has a much larger case to baffle the noise. I'll update this next time one comes through here. If it is a quiet or quieter than mine or other older JVC's then the audible noise should not be an issue, except for the most noise adverse

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