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Kaleidescape Announces Two New Movie Servers: The Terra 72 and Terra 12

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Kaleidescape has added two new movie servers to their lineup: the Terra 72 server and the compact Terra 12. With 72TB of storage, the Terra 72 is their largest 4K movie server to date. It is designed specifically for customers looking to move from disc to digital or to increase their collection through Kaleidescape's industry-leading movie store.

A Kaleidescape Terra Server or Strato S Movie Player enables users to download movies directly to your home theater system in full fidelity (because there is no file size constraint for Kaleidescape content), which ensures you’re not missing anything you want to see and hear. Plus, you’re not dealing with fluctuations in content quality because all the bits are downloaded and stored on your local device, not streamed over the internet. This is especially important if you live in an area where internet service is not very good; Kaleidescape ensures you get the full-quality movie every time (and anytime) once it has downloaded to your system, even if your internet is down.

To learn more about Kaleidescape's product lineup include the Strato and Terra products, check out our detailed Kaleidescape Strato System review.

Kaleidescape Family of Products
Kaleidescape Family of Products

The Kaleidescape Strato S is available with either a 6TB ($5995) or 12TB ($8995) internal hard drive. Unlike streaming services, Strato S plays downloaded Blu-ray and DVD quality movies. A 12TB Strato S can hold 180 4K UHD Movies, or 320 Blu-ray quality movies, or 1800 DVD quality movies.   

For those looking for a higher capacity, multi-zone system, Kaleidescape also offers the Terra movie server. A Terra movie server can support several Strato C and Strato S players. It can serve up to 10 simultaneous 4K Ultra HD streams around the home or 15 streams of Blu-ray quality stream.

Kaleidescape Terra Strato C
Kaleidescape Terra Server can be paired with multiple Strato C players

In the past, the Terra Servers were available with either 24TB ($12,495) or 40TB ($16,495) of storage via an array of enterprise-quality hard drives. Depending on the mix of 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray quality movies, and DVD quality titles, a 24TB Terra can store between 360 to 720 movies while a 40TB Terra can store 600 to 1,200 movies. The Terra Server is still available in either 24TB or 48TB capacities if there are situations where even more storage is desired.

A massive amount of content is available for purchase from the Kaleidescape movie store which offers 4K Ultra HD titles with high dynamic range support and thousands of movies in full Blu-ray HD quality. Currently, the Kaleidescape movie store has the largest collection of 4K titles available and boasts over 12,000 titles for purchase and more than 8,000 for rent. In fact, Kaleidescape offers nearly 400 4K UHD titles not available on Blu-ray Disc.

Purchased material is downloaded and stored on the Kaleidescape system’s internal hard drives at up to 100 Mbps. High bandwidth combined with 10bit color ensures even 4K@60P HDR content is reproduced in the highest quality sometimes surpassing that of UHD Blu-ray.

With the rapidly increasing amount of 4K HDR titles available, the Terra 72 will allow you to conveniently expand and consolidate collections onto a single server, preserving shelf space while still enabling access to more movies.

Kaleidescape Terra 72
Kaleidescape Terra 72

The Terra 72 provides several high-performance benefits.

  • Increased storage. The Terra 72 stores over 1,000 high fidelity 4K Ultra HD movies, a 50% increase over the 48TB model.
  • Fast download speeds. Since Kaleidescape systems play downloaded movie files, not streamed files, you will have to wait for the file to be fully downloaded before they can be played back. The good news it is that the new Terra 72 can download full-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes on a gigabit internet connection, the Terra 72 can also download content while supporting playback on multiple Strato players.
  • Highly scalable. The Terra 72 supports any number of Strato C players and serves up to 10 simultaneous 4K UHD playbacks. The Strato C player/client is an excellent solution for those who want to distribute content from their downloaded Kaleidescape library to other displays/home theater systems in their home. Since the Strato C ($4995) has no internal storage, it is even more compact and less expensive than a Strato S.
  • Reliable. The Terra 72 continues to operate even if the hard drive fails. When the failed drive is replaced, its movies are automatically restored from the cloud.

In addition to the Terra 72, Kaleidescape is also introducing a compact Terra 12 server. It’s feature set is identical to the other Terra servers, but it is as compact as a Strato C movie player. The Terra 12 can be mounted beside a Strato C in a 1U rack space, using a Kaleidescape custom rack mount.

Kaleidescape Terra 12 Strato C
Strato C and Terra 12 can be mounted side by side in a 1U rack space

“This product was designed for customers eager to invest in the Kaleidescape experience but not ready to commit to a larger movie server like the Terra 48 or the recently announced Terra 72,” said Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape. “The Terra 12 gives new customers the same experience as the larger servers, with similar download speeds and performance, while allowing them the flexibility to add playback zones and grow their movie collection over time.”

A Terra 12 can support any number of Strato C players and serve up to five simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks. Its 12TB capacity means it can store about 180 4K UHD Movies, or 320 Blu-ray quality movies, or 1800 DVD quality movies.

Kaleidescape Terra 12
Kaleidescape Terra 12

Terra 12 is an ideal product for customers looking to invest in an entry-level multi-room system using Strato C players/clients with the flexibility to grow their movie collection over time with the easy ability to integrate incremental storage add-ons.

Kaleidescape lifestyle image home theater

As we discussed in prior articles, a Kaleidescape is one of the best investments you can make to upgrade your entire system’s performance as well as your user experience. Whether it’s a $15,000 system in a family room or a $200,000 dedicated home theater, your source really does make all the difference in the world. Be sure to read our article about how you can maximize your theater's performance with a Kaleidescape.

The Kaleidescape Terra 72TB is priced at $23,995 and Terra 12 movie server will be priced at $7,995. Accompanying Strato C players will be available for $2,995 each. 

To learn more about the new Kaleidescape Terra 72 and Terra 12 servers, contact an authorized Kaleidescape dealer or email them directly at

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