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LG Announces the New PF610P CineBeam On-The-Go Projector

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by Philip Boyle

Yesterday, October 27, 2021, LG announced and offered a new addition to their line of CineBeam high-resolution projectors for sale. The PF610P is an $849, Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution device. LG says they designed the PF610P to deliver a high-quality image with convenient portability, allowing users to easily show movies and other entertainment anywhere with access to power.

A Big Image for a Small Projector

The LG PF610P CineBeam Full HD LED projector uses a Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing Projector (DLP) to project up to a 120-inch screen image. The PF610P, according to LG's product web page, "delivers new levels of cinematic immersion. Full HD (that) astonishes with deep, vivid shades and striking clarity—for authentic detail that brings content to life." Let's break this down. The PF610P is a Full HD projector, not 4K, so when LG talks about cinematic immersion, I think they refer to the 610P's ability to project an image up to 120 inches diagonally, which is impressive. However, LG is comparing the PF610P to a 720p projector's resolution, which is fine at this sub $1,000 price point. I don't think LG would have made the 610P part of their CineBeam line if it did not perform, but we will have to wait and see the review sample.

The LG PF610P is a DLP projector with an LED light source, so when LG talks about "vivid shades and striking clarity…" LG is referring to color performance. LG calls the PF610P light source a 4 Channel LED Light Source, referring specifically to the projector's discrete Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LEDs combined with LG's Dynamic green technology. Combining these two technologies is designed to improve the 610P's brightness and image sharpness compared to conventional LED projectors with a three-channel LED light source. Because of this, LG says this new LED CineBeam projector delivers more vibrant images than conventional projectors. Eliminating the traditional DLP color in favor of LED technology overcomes conventional projectors' defects such as discoloration of LCD and the dreaded DLP rainbow effect.

Easy 4 Corner Keystone Adjustments

According to LG, the PF610P LED CineBeam projector can provide intense, crystal-clear pictures using a 4 Corner Keystone adjustment. 4 Corner Keystone allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the projected image from four different points. This helps users achieve a squared image from virtually any angle. Additionally, the PF610P features a 1.195 Throw Ratio, allowing large screens to be projected even from close range, thereby transforming any room into a home theater.

The LG610P is a Smart projector running LG's most recent webOS 5.0 platform. Built from the ground up to provide a powerful yet intuitive menu interface, webOS 5.0 provides access to popular streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube, and many more. It is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and MiraCast for Android users, allowing viewers to share content from smartphones. At this announcement, the LG PF610P does not offer Netflix compatibility, which sadly is becoming more and more common these days. Fortunately, the PF610P provides two HDMI inputs, so you can plug in one of the many affordable HDMI streaming media devices that offer the Netflix platform.

The LG CineBeam Full HD LED projector offers wireless connectivity so that you can connect to a wide range of home theater audio systems via Bluetooth. The PF610P projector also supports Dolby Atmos audio for a richer, deeper, and more immersive sound. The PF610P provides an internal 6W (3W x 2) stereo system along with a 3.5 mm audio out along with one S/PDIF Optical connection. In addition to the two HDMI inputs, the projector also has two USB Type-A connectors featuring HID (Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad connection thru USB) functionality.

LG packs a tremendous amount of performance and features into the PF610P's small (8.9-inch x 7.6-inch x 2.7-inch) body combined with a mere 3.7 pounds of weight. Using this projector on-the-go device should not be an issue.

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