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LG CineBeam HU710PW Hybrid LED Laser 4K Projector Review - Notable Features

Posted on February 14, 2022 by Philip Boyle


LG's new Hybrid LED Laser light source system

The HU710PW employs the new LG LED light source supported by laser technology to provide a listed 2,000 ANSI lumens for enhanced brightness and dynamic colors. This new light source system uses a blue laser (G-Rap) plus red and blue LEDs, providing up to 20,000 hours of operation in Standard Light mode, which means several years of worry-free operation. This hybrid LED laser light source is more sophisticated than the blue laser phosphor systems utilized in many home theater projectors that cost significantly more.

This system eliminates the need for a sequential color wheel, dramatically reducing the breakup of color or rainbow effect. It also delivers a wider color gamut. The HU710PW can reproduce 94% of the DCI-P3 color space without the need for a cinema filter.

There are three modes to adjust the brightness output of the laser light source. The lamp power adjustment is called ENERGY SAVING, and the other options are:

Minimum: Delivers full lamp power

Medium: Reduces lamp power by approximately 25%

Maximum: Reduces lamp power by approximately 50%


The projector has an adjustable iris to help maximize the HU710PW in different light conditions. The projector can adjust its light output by changing the size of the iris opening. In addition to the three preset levels (BRIGHTROOM, MEDIUM, DARKROOM), a USER mode gives you the ability to adjust the iris size manually. The DARKROOM setting reduces the size of the iris opening to improve black levels in a darkened environment. In BRIGHTROOM mode, the iris opens fully, allowing the maximum amount to reach the screen.


Improves contrast in bright and dark areas

LG HU710PW has a feature called Adaptive Contrast. Adaptive Contrast fits the laser output to the displayed scene, providing depth to the image by adaptively adjusting the laser output to the image to create a high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear brighter, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and shade detail. The ability to modulate the laser's light output combined with an adjustable iris really improves the HU710PW's black level performance in a darker environment.


Like LG's 4K HDR TVs, the HU710PW is equipped with similar video processors. One of the biggest benefits of using such a powerful processor is that the HU710PW can dynamically tone map HDR content, which significantly improves dynamic range and color. Metadata is embedded in HDR content which this HDR projector uses to make tone mapping adjustments for the best picture.

Improves details in bright and dark areas

The images above show the difference when Dynamic Tone Mapping is switched ON and OFF. To maintain most of the highlight details and vibrant colors, the HU710PW sacrifices some brightness when Dynamic Tone Mapping is engaged. 

Tone mapping provides more detail in the darker images and shadows, and in the bright areas. In addition, tone mapping delivers more vibrant, lifelike colors.

Higher-end LCD and OLED TVs have dynamically measured the HDR content frame-by-frame to generate accurate metadata for years. Again, like their flat-panel TVs, the LG HU710PW can dynamically measure HDR metadata, which improves the projector's HDR performance and utilizes the HU710PW's brightness capabilities based on the content being shown for better results. HLG is a backward-compatible HDR standard and begins with an SDR signal that any TV can use.


HGIG HDR for gaming

LG is a member of the HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group), so the HU710PW includes HGiG, designed to improve the HDR gaming experience.

Once the HU710PW identifies itself to an HGiG compatible game console or computer, the game system uses the information provided by the projector to look up units in the database. The console then shares the display's exact values or assigned category with the game software.

The gaming console and the game software then use the projector's properties when rendering images to optimize the picture quality during HDR gameplay. In case the player wants to adjust their gaming experience, the game console offers a simple calibration process that overrides the information provided by the projector.


Located on the right side of the HU710PW

The HU710PW includes horizontal and vertical optical lens shift, which provides an excellent way to adjust the image's position instead of physically moving the projector. 

Physically moving the lens position rather than using digital keystone or other digital geometry correction is preferable because it does not impact overall picture performance like digital keystone correction does.

Using the lens shift adjustment on the HU710PW is a simple matter of using the lens shift wheels located on the projector's left side when looking from the rear. Just move the image to the center of the screen horizontally, zoom out, and adjust the height of the image to match the screen height.

In most cases, projectors will allow for an installation location at the top of the image rather than fully centered on the screen. LG provides enough shift to place the projector at the top or bottom of the screen. If an off-center, horizontal position is required, there is also a horizontal shift. However, the adjustment will always affect the shift range in the other direction since lenses are circles.


Adust Image from 4, 9 or 15 Points

The LG HU710PW offers built-in 4/9/15 Point WARPING support if the projected image cannot be adjusted without the optical controls. Not only 4-corner but also 9-point and 15-point warping functions are provided. You can adjust screen distortion and set up a more precise screen.


The HU710PW supports 4K at 60 frames per second, not 120 frames per second; however, its HDMI inputs support several HDMI 2.1 features, enhancing the audio quality and the gaming experience.

HDMI Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC)

The HU710PW is equipped with Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) capabilities. If you don't use ARC or eARC, the only other option would be to connect the optical audio output. Like most TVs/FPJs, the optical output cannot pass the latest immersive surround formats to an external sound system. If you use an optical output, all you will provide to your soundbar or receiver is stereo or Dolby Pro Logic information.

The latest version of HDMI audio return is eARC which can transfer a much higher bandwidth and supports uncompressed audio surround formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio. This ensures that the A/V receiver or soundbar receives the maximum quality audio signal from the projector's internal apps or any connected source.

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) supports multi-channel audio, including Dolby Atmos. Due to bandwidth limitations, it delivers a compressed audio signal, such as Dolby Digital Plus.


Smooth gameplay with less input lag

The HU710PW features Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). When you play a game on a compatible gaming console or PC, this feature automatically switches into its "Game Mode" for smooth gameplay with less lag time. Most other projectors require you to manually go through menus and/or settings to change to Game mode. You then have to switch back to the desired Video mode to watch a movie or broadcast content.

ALLM provides several auto-switching benefits on the HU710PW, including putting the projector into Game mode every time you turn on your gaming system. The ALLM functionality on the HU710PW is intelligent enough to tell if you are using the console to play a game, watch a streaming movie, or play a Blu-ray disc. It automatically switches to the most appropriate mode to optimize your experience.


The newest version of the LG Smart OS platform

The LG CineBeam lineup of projectors are some of the "smartest" and most capable projectors on the market for voice control capabilities. It would take a dozen pages to cover all the smart TV features found in the HU710PW. Below are some of the more notable features that make the HU710PW an outstanding solution for a smart TV replacement.

When it comes to their new 2022 line of smart projectors, LG has made excellent use of everything they have learned from years of building smart TVs. The HU710PW utilizes the latest version of LG's webOS found in LG's current flat-panel lineup. It's a smart projector made by a smart TV manufacturer.

The HU710PW uses LG's User Interface, which was developed over many years and has been market-tested by the millions of LG TVs being used worldwide to ensure a seamless, easy-to-navigate, and well-laid-out system.


Just press the microphone button on your remote

The HU710PW is equipped with voice control accessed through the included smart remote's built-in microphone. The remote controls a wide variety of compatible smart devices. Just press and hold the mic button in the center of the remote control when you are ready to operate a wide range of features on the HU710PW using your voice. For instance, you could use voice control to ask the projector to "Play the videos on USB" or "Change mode to Vivid."

The HU710PW allows voice control for several third-party items such as a set-top box, lights, door locks, curtains, etc. There are dozens of available commands for which you can get more details by holding down the HU710PW remote's microphone button.


With webOS 6.0, you can explore a variety of TV shows and movies through a simple connection to your Wi-Fi network. Also, you can enjoy video content with built-in apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and Apple TV. LG has a long-established app store loaded with a massive amount of entertainment apps that can all be accessed directly from this projector. Since the HU710PW utilizes the same webOS as LG's TV lineup, I think it's pretty reasonable to expect the library of services and apps will continue to grow as new apps and streaming services become available.


With the LG HU710PW smart projector, simply share your entertainment from supported Apple devices, i.e., iPhone, iPad, and Mac, using AirPlay to cast content from your Apple device to show on the projectors high-definition large screen. 

The HU710PW also offers support for Apple's Home Kit. HomeKit is a software framework by Apple, made available in iOS/iPadOS that lets users configure, communicate with, and control smart-home appliances using Apple devices. It provides users with a way to automatically discover such devices and configure them.

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