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LG PF85U LED Projector Review - Special Features 2

Posted on August 28, 2014 by Art Feierman
PF85U LED PROJECTOR - SPECIAL FEATURES 2:  Wifi and Networking, Antenna, CONTENT!, Tripod thread. USB but no SD-Card slot

LG PF85U Wifi

Yes, Wifi wireless networking is built in.  And configuring it proved to be almost effortless.  It quickly found the two Wifi networks here, I selected one, and then the hard part - having to type my long password in using the on screen keyboard with the Smart remote.

Wifi is very important to LG's intended functionality.  I already mentioned plugging in smart devices such as a Roku stick, but in reality, LG already has built their rough equivalent to the Roku concept for their smart LCDTVs etc.  I haven't looked at the breadth of what you can access, but the key is that to access the content shown here, and more, all the projector needs is a good wifi connection.

The LG also supports hard wiring the network, providing the usual LAN port using an RJ45 connector.

Offering up both wifi and hard wired networking is more than most of the competition brings to the party.  Nicely done!

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Wow!  Seeing a coaxial connector that one might have coming from an outdoor antenna, or an "old school" VHS player or cable box, was a real surprise.

I realize few will have need for the antenna input, but if you do, here's the projector for you.

75 ohm coaxial coming from a box, such as a VHS or cable box with a coaxial output, should allow the Smart remote to handle the tuning, but truth is, the manual says basically nothing about it, and we did not test. The threaded coax connector is located on the far right side.

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LG PF85U - Access to Content

I think the picture provided here, pretty much says it all.  LG has assembled a Smart screen listing a wide range of content, as well as the ability to select inputs, settings and internet access.  LG even lists an LG Cloud service.

All considered, there's a ton of both subscription based and free content available.   Some of the subscription content includes, Netfix, VUDU, vTuner (internet radio, Amazon instant video, Spotify, and the list just keeps going.

There's even a 3D channel, or you can search the web.  And thanks to the microphone option on the Smart remote, you can talk through some of this. It was easy to select Search, with the Smart remote, and speak "projector reviews".  LG's search uses Bing (I don't know if that can be reconfigured), but I"m pleased to report that our website came up first for that search.

In other words, LG is providing similar types of access to content of Roku, or my PS3.   Unfortunately I don't have the time to look through all the entries, but there's lots of pay TV, movies, and more.

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USB - But no SD

The back of the LG does have two standard USB connectors.  I certainly expected at least one.

What did surprise me though, was that the LG PF85U does not have an SD card slot.  Since that seems to be the most popular of the cards these days, and used in most digital cameras (for those of us who still sometimes take pictures with cameras, not phones), I expected an SD card slot, especially since many of the other pico and pocket type LED projectors do offer an SD card slot (or sometimes a micro SD card slot.   Well, if you do have SD cards you want to use, you should be able to pick up a basic adapter, that plugs into one of the USB inputs, and offers SD card (and often additional card type) slots.

Tripod Thread

Tripod threads are hardly rare on small projectors, but the LG PF85U is a good bit larger than most LED pico and pocket projectors.

Still, with the projector weighing in at 4.8 pounds (2.2kg), it is light enough to work with most relatively inexpensive tripods, that would be suitable for a dSLR.   One thing to note, the LG will have at least one cable hooked up to it - power - even if you are running the projector from Wifi.  Where there are cables and tripods, it's not hard to accidentally end up tripping on a cable, or catching it, and knocking over the tripod.  Thus, I'd recommend a good sturdy tripod, and always have those tripod legs fully spread out.  The PF85U is just too expensive for a mistake!

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