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June 20, 2019
The DVDO AIR 4K is a wireless HDMI system that eliminates the hassle of running a new or replacing an old HDMI cable. It is rated to support wireless transmission of 4K@30p content at distances up to 10 meters/33 feet.
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DVDO Quick6R 4K Digital HDMI Switcher with MHL - A Review

June 5, 2015
The DVDO Quick6R supports 4K switching and has MHL support. This stylish switch box could be the center of your home theater source and display switching. It should be equally competent as a small commercial switcher.  DVDO has been making the Quick6 for about 3 years, more recently adding MHL
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DVDO Air3C Pro Wireless HDMI Device - A Review

December 1, 2014
The DVDO Air3C Pro is the 2nd DVDO WirelessHD device we've reviewed in the last year and the 4th stand alone wireless HDMI device we've reviewed in the past few years.  Previously, from DVO, we reviewed the Air3.  In that review we found it to work nicely within its operating range of abou
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DVDO Air3 Wireless HDMI Transmitter

April 8, 2014
The DVDO Air3 - a wireless HDMI device using the WiHD standard consists of a transmitter and receiver using RF technology.  Pleasantly, it works as we expected.   The Air3 has been here for a couple of months and change.  I'm just a bit late in writing things up for you.  Project
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DVDO Edge Video Processor Review Overview

December 18, 2008
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