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DVDO Edge Video Processor Review Overview

DVDO Edge Video Processor Overview

DVDO has long been revered by videophiles for their high end video processors.  The DVDO VP50 Pro is one of the finest video processors on the market.  Unfortunately, its price is out of reach for many home theaters.  That’s been resolved by the newest addition to their lineup, the DVDO Edge video processor. The DVDO Edge performs many of the same processing functions as the VP50 Pro, which retails for more than 4 times the $799 price of the Edge.  This means you get excellent 10-bit Motion, Edge & Source Adaptive Deinterlacing, mosquito noise reduction for your SD sources such as cable and satellite and automatic A/V lipsync.   Many front projector setups suffer from lipsync issues due to delays in processing of the video signal.  The Edge can automatically compensate for these delays, or can be adjusted manually to do so.  This is a very useful feature as sources can vary in the amount of delay introduced, if any.

As you’ll see listed below in the specifications, the Edge features a plethora of connection options.  The inclusion of an audio-only HDMI output (in addition to two digital outputs) enables you to take advantage of receivers and preamps capable of handling the new advanced audio formats (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio) without having to feed your video signal through the receiver as well.  The fully backlit, learning universal remote (an OEM version of Universal Remote Control’