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DVDO Edge Video Processor Setup and Tour-2

Posted on December 18, 2008 by Art Feierman

DVDO Edge - Remote Control

Click to Enlarge.So close

As mentioned in the Overview, the Edge comes with an excellent, 7-device capable, universal remote control.  It’s basically a Universal Remote Control R7, but with a few specialized buttons just for the Edge.

Other buttons (like number keys) that wouldn’t normally be used with the Edge have secondary labeling for the unique functions of the Edge, such as direct access of each input.  It is fully backlit, has a good layout and separation of buttons and learning capability for any components that aren’t in its code database.

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Anamorphic Lens Support

Absolutely! One of the primary reasons some people buy outboard video processors is that they provide the necessary vertical stretch needed to work with an anamorphic lens. Not all projectors inherently support anamorphic lenses, for example, the Epson Home Cinema Series 6100 and 6500 UB, and the older 1080 UB. (Their Pro Series the 7100 and 7500 UB do support an anamorphic lens, but cost more. There are a number of other projectors as well, lacking the onboard support.

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