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Epson Pro Cinema 7500 UB and Home Cinema 6100, Mitsubishi Diamond, Sony Home Theater Projectors...

Greetings from my last day at CEDIA. I've got less than 10 minutes to head back over to the show, so this will be brief. Epson showed several new projectors, and I'll discuss them in more depth later, but the basics are - the Epson Home Cinema 6100 is their new entry level 1080p projector, with a price tag of $1999! This model claims, I believe 18,000:1 contrast, so, in terms of black levels it likely won't quite match the current Home Cinema 1080 UB, but better than the standard Home Cinema 1080 (15,000:1) There are a number of other improvements however. Next is the new Pro Cinema 7500 UB, this is Epson's top of the line. Geez, it only claims 75,000:1 contrast ratio, and improved black level performance over the Home and Pro Cinema UB. It looked damn good in their theater in their both. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Both should hit the streets in the 30 - 60 day time frame (October officially, but we shall see). There was also a Home Cinema 6500 UB, which is slightly differentiated from the Pro 7500 UB. I'll go into more details comparing them all, from home early next week, in a new blog. The 6500 UB is not officially announced although they are showing it in their booth. It is expected to ship in December, with a price under $4000. BTW Epson is one of several companies doing frame interpolation on some models (7500 UB and 6500 UB), to create new frames between either the 24fps or 60fps originals. This makes fast looking motion smoother. You really need a side by side, to appreciate, I'm told, and that's my next stop, Panasonic is putting their new PT-AE3000U side by side with the PT-AE2000U. I've spoken to another reviewer (Evan), who already saw that demo, and he was impressed. Mitsubishi's new Diamond HC6500, is 2nd from top of the line, with an all new iris (diamond shaped) and improved black levels (contrast claim of 15,000:1. And I do believe it's even quieter than the other Mitsubishi's (and brighter!!!), the Mitsubishi 3LCD projectors have consistently been the quietest around, for all practical purposes, silent. More to follow. I'll address the Mitsubishi HC7000, the top of the line, in a separate blog next week. Sorry, I had hoped to write more, but time to run to show meetings. More on Monday, latest, also covering the Sony - which I didn't get to, DreamVision, and two new JVC's of special interest! -art

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