Projector Reviews

Screen Innovations 5 Series Fixed Frame Projection Screen

  The Screen Innovations (SI) 5 series fixed line of projector screens are available in a wide array of screen materials including ambient light rejecting, acoustically transparent, and ultra-short-throw options. They can be utilized in both residential and commercial applications. Like all fixed screens by Screen Innovations, the 5 series is hand built from a sturdy 3.5-inch aluminum extrusion which is wrapped in a fine velvet material. This ensures that the frame is as unobtrusive as possible during the viewing experience, as well as hides any projector “over spray”. While you should always try to fit the image perfectly on […]

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Screen Innovations Black Diamond II 1.4 Fixed Frame Projector Screen Review

As it turns out, the Black Diamond II 1.4 screen, according to SI, is an excellent 3D material, for those using or planning a 3D projection setup. I was unaware of that, until right after we returned the Black Diamond to Screen Innovations, following this review. Since I’m working with 3D projectors now, SI is sending us another Black Diamond II 1.4 screen, asap, so I can comment on it’s abilities to work with projectors like LG’s CF3D, the first 1080p 3D projector for the home, that’s shipping. I will blog and update this review after we’ve tested the 3D […]

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