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Leveraging Sony For Your Entire Professional AV Ecosystem

Sony Professional AV lineup

In this article sponsored by Sony, we are going to explore Sony’s full breadth of equipment solutions that make them an ideal technology partner. As you might expect here at Projector Reviews, we review a lot of Sony projectors. Sony projectors offer both outstanding image quality and convenient installation flexibility. However, as much as we love projectors, we understand that very few customers are only shopping for a single projector. Sony’s product portfolio includes a massive range of professional products far beyond projectors, including professional cameras, broadcast/production, archiving/content management, premium audio, and professional displays. Due to its vast product assortment […]

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Sony VPL-FHZ85 Commercial Interchangeable Lens 3LCD Projector Review

The Sony VPL-FHZ85 is a 7,300 ANSI lumens/8,000 center lumens, 3LCD laser, interchangeable-lens projector that sells for $6,999 MSRP. Sony has been a leading manufacturer of professional/education projectors for decades. While Sony Professional offers a wide variety of large display options, including flat-panels and direct LED, there are many applications where projectors are still the best option. To learn more, check out our article titled: “Why Many Video Enthusiasts Still Choose Projectors.” This past October, I wrote a news article about the announcement of two new Sony professional projectors. Fast forward a few months later, and now I’ve had the […]

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SONY VPL-PHZ50 WUXGA 3LCD Projector Review

Sony VPL-PHZ50

The VPL-PHZ50 is a 5,000 lumens (5,400 lumens center) 3LCD installation-class projector that sells for $2,499. Just over a year ago, Sony Electronics’ professional division introduced a new mid-tier projector model, the Sony VPL-PHZ50 as a direct successor to the very successful Sony VPL-PHZ12. Sony managed to reduced the chassis size almost 30 percent making the optical engine smaller without any reduction in color accuracy and contrast The Sony VPL-PHZ50 is an installation-class projector designed for small to medium-sized venues. This projector offers a very bright light output perfectly suited for conference rooms or lecture halls. The VPL-PHZ50 is a […]

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Sony VPL-FHZ85 / VPL-FHZ80 – Bright, Compact WUXGA 3LCD Projectors Packed With Innovative Features

In this month’s sponsored article from Sony, we explore Sony’s newest options for midsize auditoriums, conference rooms, and classrooms – the bright, powerful, and compact VPL-FHZ80 and VPL-FHZ85 laser projectors. The VPL-FHZ80 is rated at 6,000 ANSI (6,500 Center) lumens and the step-up VPL-FHZ85 is rated at 7,300 ANSI (8,000 center) lumens. Sony states that the VPL-FHZ85 is the smallest and lightest 3LCD laser projector available in its brightness class. In addition to being very bright, these new midrange laser WUXGA business/education projectors feature 3LCD, a Laser Light Engine, and just about every type of input users could ever need. In […]

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Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K SXRD Laser Projector Review


If you are looking for the ultimate home theater experience, you should definitely take a close look at Sony’s flagship projector, the VPL-GTZ380, which is a 10,000 lumen, native 4K SXRD projector that retails for $80,000 (minus lens). In 2017 when Art reviewed Sony’s amazing VW5000ES projector, he said it was easily the best home theater projector he had ever reviewed. Over the next several years, the VW5000ES reigned supreme as the “King of Home Theater Projectors”. However, many professionals and hard-core enthusiasts that loved the picture quality of the VW5000ES and its highly-rated professional twin brother, the VPL-GTZ270, desired […]

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