Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen Balón Edge Review

March 9, 2023
Our very own Philip Jones recently ordered a 165-inch Stewart Filmscreen Balón Edge screen with StudioTek 130 G4 MicroPerf X², which is a THX Ultra Certified acoustically transparent screen material. I assisted Philip in unboxing and installing the screen. As a residential and a pro AV projection sc
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Stewart Deluxe Wallscreen Fixed Frame Screen Review

March 12, 2017
Stewart Filmscreen has been around for more than 70 years and operates from their home base in Torrance, California.  They started off supplying projection screens to the movie industry and are still today the leading supplier of projection screens to the Hollywood movie studios.  Stewart
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Stewart FilmScreen Firehawk G3 Motorized, Tensioned Projector HC Grey Screen Review

May 2, 2007
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