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Maxell Introduces the MP-WU8101W 10,000 Lumens 3LCD Laser Projector

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Maxell has further grown their catalog of laser projectors with a 3LCD, 10,000 ANSI lumens WUXGA (1920 x 12000) model that provides a much-improved user experience.  While the MP-WU8101W does not ship with a lens, for maximum flexibilty, the MP-WU8101W is compatible with seven interchangeable lenses.

The projector’s blue laser/ phosphor light source can generate over 10,000 lumens to deliver a clear and bright projected image with vivid colors. The laser light source is rated for 20,000 hours on normal mode, but its life can be lengthened to nearly 50,000 hours in LONG LIFE 2 mode, if less brightness is acceptable. Because replacing the lamp is not necessary, the cost of maintenance is minimized and by avoiding mercury lamps, the projectors are very environment friendly. And, with Maxell’s cooling system it is very quiet with a noise level of just 33dB while on whisper mode.

While the MP-WU8101W is a WUXGA projector, its HDMI#1, HDBaseT, and Display Port inputs support 4K@24/25/30/50/60 frame per second signals. This provides better compatibilty and a better visual experience when connected to a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player or other 4K ready devices. To make it easy to share content across several video displays, the MP-WU8101W has an HDMI Out port that can deliver the image signal across the connected projectors. 

To simplify operation, the MP-WU8101W also has an Auto Power On feature. Ifthe projector has been set to STANDBY, and one of its inputs detects a video signal from an external device,  it will automatically start up on its own and display the image from the video source.

The MP-WU8101W also include several Maxell picture quality enhancement features. Maxell’s Contrast Optimizer Technology is designed to improve picture quality by optimizing tone correction to ensure that projector’s full dynamic range in low-light to high-brightness scenes.

When most projectors are used in bright rooms, the darker colors of an image deteriorate and images become hard to see. Using this function most of the reduction in detail caused by room lighting or outside light sources is corrected. The result is clear images even in rooms with high ambient light.

HDR Detect helps produce a more vivid picture automatically when a signal with HDR properties is detected. This feature can choose an optimal picture mode depending on the HDMI signal information.

To simplify installation, the MP-WU8101W includes motorized lens shift, zoom, and focus. The lens has a 2-speed motor, so users can make fine adjustments using the projector’s remote or through the RS232/IP control.

The MP-WU810W offers edge blending functions and geometry correction features. This simplifies the process of combining the images of multiple projectors onto a single large flat or curved screen. If precise geometry correction is required, you can download the Projector Warping Tool software from the Maxell website. You can also download Maxell’s Projector Blending Tool app which helps smoothly blend the images of up to 12 projectors using an external camera.

There is a Quick Connection App for Android and iOS devices which can be used to control and can be used to display content such as pictures, websites, and document files. As mentioned, this feature is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. It connects to a LAN network through the optional USBWL5GM wireless adapter or RJ-45 port. The wireless adapter is compatible with IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

Embedded networking allows the user to control and manage several projectors via a PC over a LAN network. Connect a computer to your projector through a network using a USB wireless adapter mentioned earlier. You can easily set up e-mail reminders for routine and reactive maintenance, complete an image transfer, centralized reporting, as well as schedule events.

The Maxell MP-WU8101W offers support for key command-and-control software like AMX, Crestron, and PJ-Link. Network administrators who manage multiple projectors at a school or business will greatly appreciate this feature.

“The past year, we’ve seen a drastic turn in how spaces, especially large ones, are being occupied and utilized— and our new 3LCD projectors are designed to fit the needs of nearly any large room. Ensuring each space, regardless of its natural light or sheer size, has brilliant visuals is incredibly important to us, especially as more spaces are cognizant of the number of people in each room,” says Ray Soltys, Director of Sales, Maxell Corporation of America. “Dynamic design coupled with our 5-year or 20,000-hour warranty, customers can feel confident that they are investing in equipment that will produce vibrant and crisp graphics.”

The Maxell MP-WU8101W has a 5 year /20,000 hour warranty and is available now in white  with a black model being introduced later this year.

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