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Find paragraph descriptions of all our reviews of current home theater projectors (and some older ones). Projectors are listed in chronological order.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, Pro Cinema 6040UB  8/11/2016  The successors to Epson’s previous “Ultra Black” projectors are 4K capable and advanced in virtually every way.

ViewSonic PJD7835HD  5/12/2016  A relatively small, portable business and education projector with particularly good color in its “best” modes, 1080p resolution, and 3500 white lumens! That’s impressive considering the reasonable $899 list price in the US.

JVC DLA-RS400U  4/30/2016  This may be the best under $4000 home theater projector ever!  $3999 lets you view 4K content, offers great black levels, and lens memory!

Epson Pro Cinema 1985W   4/11/2016  A True Light Canon of a projector for enjoyable large screen viewing in “bright rooms” like living rooms, family rooms, etc., that don’t have good lighting control, or typically have too many windows!

Sony VPL-HW65ES  3/6/2016  This Sony offers a number of improvements over the HW55ES – its rather excellent predecessor – and earns a Hot Product Award. Definite contender for a Best in Class Award in this summer’s report.

Epson Home Cinema 1040  2/4/2016  The HC1040 projector is geared for “bright rooms” – doesn’t need a cave  to enjoy sports, HDTV and movies.

BenQ HT3050  2/3/2016  The HT3050 replaces the wging W1070 and HT1075 projectors, and is the middle projector of three new home entertainment/home theater series projectors from BenQ.

JVC DLA-RS600U, X950R  1/25/2016  These are JVC’s flagship models, and they’re replacing the DLA-RS67I. RS6710U and X900R models, which won “Best in Class” awards in last year’s report. Plus, they cost less this time around!

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1440  12/28/2015  This is an impressive brute force solution for living room projection. Earns a Special Interest Award for high brightness, placement flexibility, and HDMI with MHL.

Sony VPL-VW665ES  12/18/2015  This Sony is 4K and is a next generation improvement on the older VW600ES. Better blacks, support fr advanced performance capabilities, and much more.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 730HD  11/8/2015  This is part of our series “Millennials and Projectors,” and we explore how young people can get the most out of this entry-level home theater projector.

BenQ HT4050  11/6/2015  This is the most feature laden of the 3 new DLP-based home theater and home entertainment projectors from BenQ. $1399, 2000 lumens, horizontal and vertical lens shift, and more.

Optoma ML750  11/6/2015  Part of our “Millennials and Projectors” series, we explore how this tiny but mighty pico projector can be useful in a young, mobile person’s life.

Vivitek H9090  10/15/2015  A DLP home theater projector that will appeal to purists and enthusiasts, it is powered by a long life RGB LED light engine.

Epson Home Cinema 2040 and 2045   9/16/2015 Hard to beat for value, 2200 lumens, lots of features including “smooth motion” (CFI), and great color right out of the box.

Comparision:  JVC DLA-RS6710 vs. Epson Pro Cinema LS10000    9/9/2015  Two higher end projectors, that use pixel shifting.  One is 4K Blu-ray UHD compatible, but the other…

Optoma HD37  7/2/2015  A DLP projector just under $1000.  Nicely equipped, including MHL on HDMI for working with mobile devices, streaming sticks, 1.5:1 zoom with modest lens shift.

Epson Powerlite Pro Cinema G6550WU 6/12/2015  A serious, advanced featured, commercial projector that can double as a very high brightness home entertainment projector in that impossible living room (that’s where I have mine! -art)

BenQ HC1200  4/27/2015  Spectacular color fidelity and plenty of flexibility make the HC1200 a winner.  It also has a full array of connection options, including network control capability.  It’s relatively small size and light weight also make it quite portable.

JVC DLA-RS6710U, RS67U, X900R  04/22/2015  The JVC is a projector with an elegant picture, black level performance unmatched, and it has all the amenities such as a 2:1 zoom, lens memory, good brightness, 3D capabilities (with RF glasses), 4K compatibility and more.

ViewSonic PJD7822HDL  3/19/2015  Suitable as both a home entertainment and business/education projector. Outstanding brightness, 3 year warranty, 1.3:1 zoom lens for placement flexibility, 3D capable, and more! Hot Product award.

Epson Pro Cinema LS9600e  3/13/21015  The Epson Pro-Cinema LS9600e has received our Hot Product award for its combination of a state-of-the art laser light engine, really great colors, excellent 2D and 3D performance, and a great package of features, including lens memory.

Canon REALiS WUX6000  3/1/2015  This is a high brightness (6000 lumen rating), high resolution (WUXGA) projector that is aimed at projection venues where there is usually (if not always) a fair amount of ambient light, or a large screen size is needed.  The WUX6000 earned our Special Interest Award by offering a good balance of performance, features and price for its intended role as a business/installation projector.  Not intended for home but..awesome color.

*Projectors marked with an asterisk are considered “crossover” products. They are relatively low cost, and the bulk of their design comes from business projectors. However, they are also optimized in some ways that make them suitable as affordable home entertainment projectors.