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Home Theater Projector Reviews: Mitsubishi HC4900 DLP Projector: Summary

Posted on August 19, 2007 by Art Feierman

For those of you not familiar with our Hot Product Award, here's the concept. Our Hot Product Award is not designed to be awarded only to the best projector out there. That's a good thing, because, there really isn't a single best projector - one that would be the best for all folks shopping, in a price range.

Instead, the award is given out to projectors that, due to their overall design and performance, are likely to be the best projector choice for at least a significant number of home theater projector buyers. For example, one projector may have the best overall image quality, but isn't bright enough for larger screens. It may win the award, because many buyers, aren't looking for the larger screen sizes. Another projector may be bright enough for the larger screens, and, in fact be the best for them, so, even if its image quality is only very good, not the best, it too, could win the award. Then there are also some great performing projectors (especially DLP projectors) that almost everyone would love, but design limitations in terms of placement flexibility, mean that only a small percentage of potential buyers, can use it in their room. It too likely would win the award. As a result, any winner of our Hot Product Award, will be a projector which is the best choice for at least a small, but significant number of end users. Historically, for that reason, about 60% of all home theater projectors we review, receive the reward.

In the case of the HC4900 (link to specs), it's obvious, that it is not the best under $5000 1080p projector, because, if nothing else, its big brother, the Mitsubishi HC5000 is better. Still, the HC4900 has appeal, because it sells for barely 2/3 as much as the HC5000.

The HC4900 has a great deal going for it, and it does win our award, because, compared to the closest competition, it has performance that will cause many to choose it as their best choice.

The Mitsubishi HC4900 has the advantage of best in class sharpness, well better than average brightness in best modes, very good placement flexibility (not the best, but probably works for 95% of potential buyers), and, what's really important - movies, TV/HDTV, and sports, look great, natural, and provide a superior viewing experience. That's especially true for a 1080p projector at its sub-$3000 price point.

That said, the HC4900 isn't the ultimate in image quality, and so, the hard core perfectionist will likely choose something else, but it is a serious contender for the bulk of those looking for an affordable 1080p projector for their home theater.

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