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Mitsubishi HC-3000 Projector Review - Image Quality-4

Posted on July 9, 2006 by Art Feierman

Lastly, here are several HD comparison images, again, with the HC3000 on the left, and Optoma HD72 on the right. I again, remind you that the Optoma is the lightly brighter projector:

Here are two sets of images that were shown above. In this case, however you now have the side by side comparisons.

And you can enlarge both by clicking on them.

HC3000vsHD72 HDphantomSnow
HC3000vsHD72 HDSerendipityClass
HC3000vsHD72 HDphantomMaskLg
HC3000vsHD72 HDserendipityCountry

Ok, to summarize, with a basic calibration, the Mitsubishi produces extremely good flesh tones, dynamic looking images (if a little less saturated than the HD72, although Brilliant Color adjustments do affect that. Black levels and shadow details are exceptional for a projector in it's price, with only the slightly more expensive HD7100 doing a bit better.

From an image quality standpoint, the HC3000 has the advantage over the slightly brighter, and less expensive HD72 Optoma. This creates an interesting choice for you, depending on your budget. If you are very tight on dollars, the HD72, is probably the way to go, between the two, but the HC3000 is worth some extra. On the other hand, the Optoma HD7100 for the few hundred dollars, may be worth the difference to you. Note: If you are not using the projectors in a fully darkened room, the differences between black levels and shadow detail will likely be lost, between these three projectors).

Time to move on to General Performance, where we will consider, the Mitsubishi HC3000 projector's menus, remote, brightness, lamp life and a number of other non-image quality performance areas. It will also address the calibration measurements I came up with.

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