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Mitsubishi HC6800 Projector - Image Quality-2

Posted on May 29, 2010 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC6800 Black Levels & Shadow Detail

While I often agonize whether a new home theater projector meets my subjective definition of being an "ultra-high contrast" projector, that isn't a problem here. The HC6800's blacks are just not that good. Mitsubishi offers up their not nearly as bright HC7000 for those craving that better black level performance.

Black Levels Comparison

Epson's Home Cinema 8100




If I had to pick a couple of projectors most similar to the HC6800 in terms of blacks, Epson's Home Cinema 8100 comes to mind, as does the the good old Sanyo PLV-Z700, although I'd give the Mits a slight advantage, more so compared to the Z700. Although - or because, the black levels just aren't all that black, the dark shadow detail stands out nicely.

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