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Mitsubishi HD4000 Widescreen Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HD4000 Widescreen Projector - Physical Tour

The HD4000 has a recessed zoom lens mounted in the front center of the projector. Just to it's right (facing the projector) is the infra-red sensor for the remote control. Directly below the lens is a "thumb screw" height adjustment for the front foot.

Moving to the top of the HD4000 projector, there are the recessed focus and zoom rings for the lens. As noted in the specs above, the zoom has a modest 1.2:1 ratio.

The top also houses the control panel, a basic seven button affair, and two indicator lights (power and status). There is a large Power button, in addition, there are four arrow keys, in the usual configuration, with an Enter key in the center. In addition, in the lower left, is the Menu button. When not using the menus, the left arrow button selects computer sources, the right arrow button, video sources, and the top arrow button, is their Auto Position, which will relock on the source signal, if it doesn't seem perfect beforehand..

That takes us to the back of the HD4000 projector. There are a couple of minor surprises in terms of inputs. Let's start with the basics - from left to right:

There is a digital HDMI input, and next to it a standard HD15 connector for traditional computer analog signals. Alternately, that connector can be used to feed the HD4000 a component video source.

Below these two are a serial port for "command and control" of the projector by a computer, and a USB port. Moving to the right side at the top, is a separate component video input, so, overall, you can have a digital source, an analog computer, and a component video source all hooked up at once, or several other combinations using the same three inputs. You will also find below the component video (3 RCA jacks), the tradtional S-video and composite video inputs.

The other two items are the rear Infra-red sensor, and a 12 volt trigger for controlling properly equipped motorized screens. Having the trigger lends me to believe that Mitsubishi sees the HD4000 as a projector that will often be permanently ceiling mounted for business, matched with motorized screen, or being used for home theater, or, of course designed with both in mind. To round out the back, there is only the AC power recepticle.

I should note here, that the HD4000 uses a "sealed light path" no dust or dirt can get in between the lamp, dlp chip, color wheel and lens.

Hot air vents out the front, angled away from the lens. This makes the HD4000 suitable for mounting on a rear shelf, if the throw distances work with your room depth and screen size.

That pretty much covers the basic hardware. We'll look at the remote control in the Performance section.

Time to explore the HD4000's image quality. In this case we will consider it's capabilities for both business/education related use, and separately as a "bright" home theater / entertainment projector.

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