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Mitsubishi WD390U - Warranty

Posted on July 20, 2013 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi WD390U Part and Labor Warranty:

The Mitsubishi WD390U provides an excellent three-year projector limited warranty on parts and labor.  In addition, the DMD (DLP chip) comes with a 3 year or 10,000 hour (whichever comes first) warranty.  That is to say, basically that the projector is covered for 3 years, with the exception of the DLP chip, which could be less, should the projector reach 10,000 hours before 3 years.  (Note that 10,000 hours over 3 years is roughly 65 hours a week).  I seriously doubt anyone using this projector for anything that's not 24/7 operation, or perhaps digital signage, will put that many hours on so quickly.

To make the Mitsubishi warranty even better, Mitsubishi provides their ERA - Express Replacement Program - for all three years!

We're a big fan of replacement programs, as they drastically reduce downtime, and costs when there is a warranty issue.

In addition, Mitsubishi provides a 1 year or 500 hour warranty on the lamp.  That's not exceptional, but it is a good one. Most typical has been 90 days or 500 hours, but there are also 1000 hour lamp warranties out there.

Overall, this Mitsubishi WD390U comes with one one must consider to be an excellent warranty, rivaling or superior to most of the competition.  Also, remember, many manufacturers do not offer a rapid replacement program.

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