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Mitsubishi WL7200U Projector - Performance

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Art Feierman

WL7200U Projector - Brightness

The WL7200U is rated at 5500 lumens.  While many projectors do not come close to their rated output in our testing, the WL7200U’s measurements justified that rating.  In Presentation, Standard or User modes (all equally bright), we measured 5320 lumens at full wide zoom.  At full telephoto zoom, output dropped to 3562 lumens and at mid zoom, where all additional measurements were made, the output was 4710 lumens for the above modes.  Auto mode, which automatically sets an optimal color balance based on the input signal, also came in at 4710 lumens.  Theater mode, which provided the best overall color and contrast, dropped to 4190 lumens, still very bright.  sRGB mode yielded 4190 lumens as well.  There are two additional modes, Clear Base and Blue Base, which are intended to be used for viewing X-ray film.  Clear Base came in at 2860 lumens, while Blue Base was at 2960 lumens.  It's likely that in most cases, unless the most accurate color is required, Auto or Presentation modes will be the preferred setting.

Dropping the lamp into Low brightness mode resulted in a significant drop of 31.4%, but still provided 3230 lumens in any of the brightest modes.  With anything but the largest venues and as long as there was some light control in the room, using Low lamp mode will be a viable option.  This would allow the presenter to save on power usage, as well as obtain an additional 1000 hours of lamp life.

Below, the WL7200U projector in one of its brightest modes, Presentation mode.

Click Image to Enlarge

WL7200U Projector - Noise

As the Mitsubishi WL7200U is designed of large venue use, noise is not much of a concern.  Nonetheless, it is fairly quiet for its size and lumen output.  It’s rated at 37 dB for Standard lamp mode, which is normal for projectors of this size and brightness.  In Low lamp mode, it’s rated at only 30 dB, which is equal to many smaller multimedia projectors.  This low noise level would enable the presenter to make use of the built-in 10-watt speaker.  The speaker wouldn’t be of much use in a large venue, but then you’d also likely be using the Standard lamp mode.  In any event, the noise level even in Standard mode shouldn’t pose a problem for the normal uses of this projector.

WL7200U Projector - Networking

The Mitsubishi WL7200U has full network control, reporting and presentation capability.  While it only comes ready for wired network capability, wireless capability is available via the use of an optional adapter.  Through the use of the supplied software, a presenter can control the projector from a networked PC.  All major functions of the projector can be controlled from the networked PC.

The WL7200U also supports Crestron’s RoomView network service.  When used with Crestron Room View, integrated control including power on/off control, message display and confirmation of lamp service hours is possible.  This allows for centralized access and control over a single projector or multiple projectors simultaneously, as well as notifications which can be distributed to each projector. Also, it’s equipped with AMX Device Discovery for simplified device management and PJLink for use with other manufacturer’s projectors and control software.

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