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NEC M363W Projector Review - Performance

Posted on November 16, 2015 by Art Feierman
NEC M363W Projector Review - Performance: Brightness, Audible Noise, Networking


NEC M363W Picture Brightness
Picture Mode Lumens
High Bright 3857
Presentation 3231
Video 1911
Movie 2082
Graphic 1889
sRGB 1217
Natural 2241
Dicom Sim 1855

The listed lumen levels were measured using the factory default settings for each picture mode offered on the M363W, with the lamp’s Eco setting off.  These lumen levels represent the highest value measured on the screen with the projector zoom at mid-point.  The video source was a 100% white test pattern from a laptop computer via HDMI.

Measurements were also taken at full wide and telephoto zoom.   We measured 4053 lumens in High Bright mode (the brightest) at full wide zoom and 3303 lumens at full telephoto zoom.

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There are four settings for the Eco lamp mode: Off, Auto, Normal and Eco.  In Auto mode, the projector switches between Off and Eco depending on the picture level, so there are essentially three lamp levels.  Changing the Eco lamp mode from Off to Normal resulted in a 28.9% drop in lumen output to 2742 lumens in High Bright mode.  Going to Eco mode dropped the output to 2094 lumens, a whopping 45.7% drop from the lamp output with the Eco mode off, which is a greater drop than normal for most Eco modes.  Nonetheless, 2094 lumens is likely to be more than enough for any presentation environment with even a modicum of light control and enables the user to take advantage of the M363W’s 8,000 hour lamp life.

Audible Noise

For a small, lightweight, high output projector, the NEC M363W is reasonably quiet, particularly in its Eco modes (36dB in Normal lamp mode, 31dB in Eco lamp mode).  This is significantly higher than the M322W we reviewed last year, but subjectively, it didn't seem that loud.  No rating is given for the projector with the Eco mode completely off, but it doesn't appear to be much louder than the Normal mode.  If the aforementioned 45.7% drop in lumen output (in Eco mode) is acceptable, the M363W would be quiet enough for comfortable TV or movie viewing.  With the built-in 20 watt speaker, there's no problem overcoming any fan noise without having to resort to external powered speakers.


The NEC M363W not only offers the ability for wired network control and presentation, it also offers wireless network capability with the installation of an optional wireless LAN module (about $57 street price).  Through the use of included software, either connection choice will allow for remote management and control of the projector.  The user can also check the lamp hours as well as enable warning notifications by email.

Again using the included software, the NEC M363W also offers full projection capability from any networked computer.  NEC's MultiPresenter enables up to 16 wireless devices to be connected to the projector simultaneously.  The M363W also supports Crestron’s RoomView, allowing multiple devices on the network to be controlled from a single computer or Crestron controller.

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