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NEC NP-ME331W Portable Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Art Feierman
NEC NP-ME331W Portable Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2:  Menus The NP-ME331W has a rather straight-forward menu layout with 5 top-level menus and with more detailed sub-menus under those.  Note there are other sub-menus supported under these top-level Menus that are not shown, or specifically described below, but I have attempted to touch upon the most commonly used sub-menus.

Source Menu

NEC NP-ME331W Menu-1 Source

The Source Menu is shown above.  This menu can be used, or alternatively the direct source input buttons on the supplied remote control, to select the desired input signal source.

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Adjust Menu

The top-level Adjust Menu is shown in the 1st gallery photo above.  The Adjust menu has  sub-menu for Picture, Image Options and Audio.  The Adjust -> Picture sub-menu, shown in the 1st photo above, has the basic picture settings for such things as brightness, contrast and sharpness.  The 2nd photo shows the sub-menu for the picture mode Presets.  The 3rd photo above shows the Detailed Settings -> General sub-menu while the 4th photo shows the Detailed Settings -> White Balance sub-menu.

The 5th photo moves on to the Adjust -> Image Options sub-menu.


Setup Menu

The top-level Setup menu is shown in the 1st gallery photo above.  There are 7 sub-menus, on two on-screen pages, under this top menu.

The 1st photo above shows the top-level Settings menu where several of the most commonly needed setup items are included.

The final 4 photos show some of the more important sub-menus under the Setting menu.

Info Menu

The Info menu has 8 sub-menus contained on 3 on-screen pages.  The Settings -> General menu is shown in the 1st photo above while the remaining 3 photos show some of the more interesting of the other Info sub-menus.

Reset Menu

NEC NP-ME331W Menu-5 Reset-1

The Reset Menu is shown in the photo above.  This can be used to fully reset the projector's data, to clear the lamp hours (for when a new lamp is installed) or clear the air filter hours (for when air filter is cleaned or replaced).


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