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NEC NP-V332W Projector Review - Summary

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Art Feierman
NEC NP-V332W Projector Review - Summary:  Summary, Pros, Cons


The NEC NP-V332W offers a feature set and the performance to make it a viable contender in the very competitive under $600 business/classroom projector category.  The two primary competing projector technologies in this  market segment are those using DLP vs. 3LCD for their micro-display panels.  Each technology has its pluses and minuses and NP-V332W is a good example of DLP technology in an affordable business/classroom projector.  It measured almost 4000 lumens in its brightest picture mode, or well above the manufacturer specified 3300 value.  As with many other DLP projectors of this class, the colors were rather poor in the brightest mode, but that mode could still prove useful for when forced to make business presentations in a room with excessive room lighting.

The projected image was very sharp providing for excellent readability of text and presentation slides.  There was very good focus across the entire image.

The picture modes offering the best color accuracy with the out-of-the-box settings produced fairly good results.  However, using a User picture mode, along with a few user adjustments, improved the picture to "very good" status, for this class of projector (see the Performance section of this review for the custom settings that were used).

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This projector offers good built-in networking support with a rear panel RJ-45 jack for connection to a LAN and also doing double duty for connection to a HDBaseT multimedia network.  Wireless networking is not offered however.  The projector is also compatible with Crestron RoomView (TM) for control and management.  Mobile devices and various dongles supporting MHL can be connected to the HDMI #1 input port for improved connectivity/functionality.

The NP-V332W does lack built-in "PC-Free" multimedia support for giving presentations, slide shows, videos directly from an attached USB drive.  This feature is found on some competing projectors, including some other models from NEC.  However, in this sub-$600 price range, most projector manufacturers must omit some potential features in order to meet a target price point.



  • High brightness in the brightest mode
  • Very good color accuracy possible with a few user adjustments
  • Very good (wired) networking support built-in
  • Support for Crestron RoomView (TM) for control/management
  • Support for MHL via the HDMI #1 input
  • Virtual remote tool allows users to utilize virtual remote functionality from a connected (i.e., LAN or serial) PC
  • Very sharp image with excellent text and graphics readability
  • Offers 3D support (requires optional DLP-Link 3D glasses)
  • Quick power on and supports direct power off
  • Good warranty, with better that average lamp warranty, while extended warranty options are available at extra cost
  • No air filter cleaning required


  • Color brightness substantially lower than white brightness (typical for DLP projectors of this class)
  • The best out-of-the-box picture modes produce a color accuracy a little below that of typical 3LCD based business/education projector (i.e., requires user adjustments to improve)
  • No built-in support for PC-free presentations from USB flash drive or internal memory (as found on some competing projectors)
  • No wireless network support
  • Remote has no backlight making to difficult to use under dim lighting conditions.

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