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NEC Commercial Laser Projectors - Advanced Wall Melting Performance

Posted on March 8, 2019 by Art Feierman

NEC's large selection of high power laser projectors, support an extensive range of applications

NEC has long been one of the biggest players in the high and very high end of the projector world.   With that in mind I would like to introduce you two powerful commercial projectors, which are also very different.  They represent two of NECs hi-end lines of 4K capable, commercial laser projectors (not counting their Digital Cinema projectors). All considered, NEC offers 32 laser projectors! (7 are Digital Cinema.)  Most of them support 4K.

In this brief Advertorial that I get to write for NEC, (NEC mostly gets to proof), I’d like to provide some perspective on both projectors and a range of  both typical, and unique applications, or should I say, solutions?  I’ve provided some direct links where appropriate, leading to more detailed info. 

NEC commercial laser projectors
Shown above: NEC's 10K lumen PX1004UL (available in black or white) and the 40K lumen native 4K, PH3501QL on the right.

First, before we get into these high power projectors: If you need a projector for K-12 classrooms or a small conference room, these aren’t the projectors for you. If you need something "small" I must point out that NEC offers you a full line of K-12 and Higher Education suitable projectors, as well as offering their Star Student program which provides special pricing and longer warranties for schools.

Visualization application using NEC PH3501QL
NEC's PH3501QL laser projector used for visualization - 30 ft+ screen. Vibrant, accurate colors! - Infocomm 2019

Let’s start with a look at the 10,000 lumen PX1004UL:

It has a list price just under $20,000.  Where might you need one or more of these?

We’re talking auditoriums – medium and large ones, command and control rooms, and almost any house of worship, except perhaps the largest and brightest of the mega-churches.  This is the type of projector ideally suited for most corporate auditoriums and rental and staging applications, including corporate meetings, and trade shows.  Definitely expect to find these driving large museum displays too.

PX1004 - museum

PX1004UL mounted in the rafters, in a museum type environment..The PX1004 is available on black or white case, to better blend in.


There is no shortage of optional NEC lenses available (8) to allow for almost any placement distance, and almost any sized screen that the room and 10,000 lumens are suitable for. And that includes a whole lot of larger digital signage applications as well.

Of course, the PX1004UL is long life laser projector, it starts out as a WUXGA DLP projector one which is also 4K capable.  One interesting capability – suitable for large signage, concerts, and more, is that four projectors can be directly hooked up in a 2x2 array and with built in edge blending to produce a large native 4K image from a single 4K source. No muss, no fuss!  Big and Bright!

Speaking of multiple projectors. You can stack these PX1004s.  Two stacked will almost double up, to 20,000 lumens…  Or hang one or more from the rafters – under 70 lbs. each + lens.

NEC scene
PX1004 laser projector in a museum /signage type display

This projector can be rotated – portrait, off angle, etc.  It’s an advantage that laser projectors offer.  NEC rates its laser light engine up to 20,000 hours (which is typical).   Now for you digital signage folks, it is one of the first projectors to support the first industry wide standard for option slots which provides many benefits.

I could go on, as this projector is just loaded with capabilities, I could fill pages (wait for the full review). Here’s your link to more info on the NEC PX1004UL.

Meet the PH3501QL – It’s bigger (and badder) than you are!

40,000 “wall melting” lumens!   That is only the beginning of the story of NEC’s flagship commercial laser projector, the PH3501QL.

This is the pinnacle of performance – a native 4K (4096x2160) 3 chip DLP projector, with stunning color and all the trimmings.  That means support for HDR (HDR10) and BT.2020 color (P3).  The full range of lenses, and for that matter, everything else mentioned about the PX1004 is also true of the PH3501 (except the weight and price).

And, the PH3501QL  has a number of extra capabilities that the PX1004 lacks, including DiCom Simulation, which is used for accurate training with medical films, engineering x-rays, false color scientific imaging and more.  Also Constant Brightness.

PH30501QL photos
40,000 lumens, advanced networking, native 4K, 3 chip DLP. Top of the food chain!

Constant Brightness: A great capability that is critical to multi-projector use in digital signage, museum and other large picture quality critical apps.  With Constant Brightness, you won’t get the full 40,000 lumens on day one, but the brightness will not change over the life of the laser engine.  This allows multiple projectors to seamlessly create a signal image with color and brightness consistent so you can’t see where one projector ends and the next one begins.  Combine that with 3 chip DLP tech, native 4K, HDR and P3 color, for the state of the art of high power projecting.

The PH3501QL really is a monster – those 40,000 lumens will require a 220V-240V power source. This projector weighs in at 373 lbs! (169Kg).

Knowing all you just learned, and remembering this is a genuine, native 4K, 3 chip DLP projector, you probably aren’t overly surprised by the $149,999 list price, but talk to a professional integrator, you won’t find this beast on Amazon!

Let me mention that if you need most of what the PH3501 offers but don’t need the full 40,000 lumens, other native 4K PH series projectors include the $43,299 PH1202 with 12,000 lumens and the 30,000 lumen PH2601 ($129,999).

So where else might you find these PH3501QL projectors in use?  Presenting to thousands at trade shows, of course, but most of these projectors will be permanently mounted.  Concert halls, locations for evening outdoor digital signage (even on skyscrapers), the largest of auditoriums, large scale simulators, and many other very interesting venues used for equally interesting applications.

Click to learn more about the PH3501QL

Bottom Line:   You’ve just met two commercial scale 4K capable NEC laser projectors – one of their most affordable, and one of the world’s most powerful and capable. Whether one of these fits your need or not, NEC offers a full range of laser projectors, with street prices starting under $2000, and offering 5000 to 40,000 lumens.

This last link takes you to the main page for NEC’s line-up of 30 different laser projectors!

I hope this advertorial be useful, and educational, in order to help you choose the right solution. And, that you found it to be relatively hype-free, Thanks for taking the time! -art

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