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Optoma Launches ZX300 and ZW350 Affordable Corporate and Education Laser Projectors

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By Philip Boyle

Optoma Corp has announced two new compact XGA and WXGA laser projectors designed for K-12 classrooms, corporate environments, and small to medium-sized venues.

The first is the ZX300 compact high brightness laser projector that displays XGA resolution. The ZX300 is an IP6X rated projector designed to provide users maintenance-free continuous operation. This projector offers consistent brightness and color saturation over the ZX300's operating life, especially when compared to lamp-based projectors in this price range.

The ZX300 is on the smaller side, allowing for installation in virtually any orientation. Its size and lightweight combined with 360-degree and portrait projection provide users with an easy install experience. The ZX300 uses Optoma DuraCore laser technology, enabling it to provide up to 30,000 laser light source life. Optoma designed the ZX300 for medium-sized exhibition venues, events, meeting rooms, and classrooms.

Optoma's Senior Product Manager, Kishan Mistry, says, "...the Optoma ZX300 and ZW350 deliver best-in-class performances at a market-leading price, lowering the barrier to entry for professional projection solutions."

The ZW350, like the ZX300, is a compact projector with 3,500 lumens of high brightness paired with an IP6X rated DuraCore laser light source that delivers up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free light source life. The ZW350 offers 360-degree installation as well as portrait projection. Like the ZX300, the ZW350's footprint is small and light, making it a perfect projector for environments where it would need to be easily moved from place to place.

The ZX300 and the ZW350 projectors have a lot in common, but they are not identical. Here are some of the features the ZW350 offers that the ZX300 does not.

The ZW350 is a higher resolution projector offering users WXGA (1280x800) resolution vs. the XGA (1024x768) resolution of the ZX300. The ZW350 offers 1.3X optical zoom and a 16:10 native aspect ratio versus the ZX300's 4:3 aspect ratio. The most significant difference between these two models is that the ZW350 offers users a wide array of control options allowing the projector to be controlled and monitored remotely.

The ZW350 offers support for an extensive range of RS232 commands for compatibility with almost any control system. It's also compatible with the AMX Dynamic discovery protocol and Crestron's RoomView, allowing a network admin to control power on and off remotely, providing the ability to monitor, manage, and even control up to 250 networked projectors at the same time. The ZW350 also supports Extron IPlink so that the ZW350 can integrate into Extron control systems.

Once again, Optoma's Senior Product Manager, Kishan Mistry: "We continue to listen to our channel partners' and end users' feedback, delivering on our promise to produce innovative and reliable display technologies to meet their various presentation needs."

reliable display technologies to meet their various presentation needs."

This feature-packed projector has a built-in speaker, and its laser technology delivers up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free laser light source. It comes with an RJ45 connection designed for monitoring and controlling networked projectors across multiple rooms.

Designed for use in medium-sized exhibition venues, events, tradeshows, or meeting rooms, the ZW350 maintains excellent image quality throughout its operation life. It provides well-preserved brightness and color saturation that lasts longer than lamp-based systems.

Optoma feels that the ZX300 and ZW350 are following in the footsteps of the projectors that came before them and adding additional value to boot—focusing on these projector's strengths, solid brightness, dependable operation, installation flexibility, and reliability even when used continuously. Respectively equipped with 1.1x and 1.3x optical zoom, and 360-degree and portrait mode operation, auto keystone, and a compact, lightweight footprint, the Optoma ZX300 and ZW350 are a breeze to install and easily transportable from one classroom to the next.

Optoma intends to provide integrators and end-users with a greater return on investment than the preponderance of lamp-based solutions found in these two projectors' price ranges.


The Optoma ZX300 is available now and has an MSRP of $719.

  • Bright XGA DuraCore laser projector – 3,500 lumens and IP6X certified
  • Easy installation - 360-degree and portrait projection
  • Feature-packed - compact and lightweight and a built-in speaker
  • DuraCore laser technology - 30,000 hours maintenance-free laser light source


The Optoma ZW350 is available now and has an MSRP of $799.

  • Bright WXGA DuraCore laser projector – 3,500 lumens and IP6X certified
  • Easy installation - 1.3x zoom, 360-degree and portrait projection
  • DuraCore laser technology - 30,000 hours maintenance-free laser light source
  • Ultimate control - Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link, and Telnet LAN commands

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