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Optoma Unveils its Next-Generation Ultra Short Throw Projector, the CinemaX P2

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Optoma Unveils its Next-Generation Ultra Short Throw Projector, the CinemaX P2

By Diane Jones

Optoma just launched its next-generation projector, the CinemaX P2, just a year after they launched the P1. This projector was created based on customer feedback they received on their award-winning CinemaX P1, which we reviewed earlier this year.

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The release of the CinemaX P2 shows Optoma’s commitment to continue to push the limits on all that a home cinema system can do, far beyond just movie and television viewing.

Let’s start with some of the features that are similar between the CinemaX P1 and the new CinemaX P2. Both units can deliver 3,000 lumens of brightness, utilize a laser light rated for up to 30,000 hours (Eco Mode), and an ultra short throw glass lens that can cast up to 120-inch images from only inches away. They are also smart 4K UHD laser projectors with built-in 40W Dolby Digital 2.0 soundbars which make them a good TV replacement option.

The CinemaX P2 still offers several additional popular features that are available in the CinemaX P1, including smart tech integration which makes it easy for anyone in the family to use. Kids and parents alike can turn the CinemaX P2 into a productivity tool for uses such as distance learning and work from home with the Tap Cast app and screen mirroring.

Both the P1 and P2 can be seamlessly integrated into smart homes with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT support via Smart+ technology. These features make both the CinemaX P1 and the CinemaX P2 very easy to use for the entire family.

Now let’s turn to some of the cool new features and enhancements found on the CinemaX P2 It offers 25% higher Dynamic Contrast at 2,000,000:1 vs 1,500,000:1. In addition, there is a different DLP color wheel with 6 segment RGBRGB, whereas the CinemaX P1 used an 8 segment RGBYRGBY. Optoma claims these improvements help improve black levels, clarity, and color reproduction.

The new Cinemax P2 also includes an enhanced game mode option which optimizes the projector for lightning-fast response times. This reduces lag and can give gamers an edge in defeating enemies while playing games using the CinemaX P2.

Another cool new feature of the CinemaX P2 is the new Digital Art Exhibit feature by FRAMED, who Optoma partnered with. This brings a specially curated collection of artwork created by new and emerging artists for display using your projector. FRAMED is a leader in digital art and they are offering 12 original pieces of art featured in an experiential “exhibition” bringing the artwork to life in your home.

The CinemaX P2 is available in a new white design (the CinemaX P1 was only available in black). It also offers more placement options, including the ability to mount it on the ceiling or behind the screen in a rear-projection setup, where the P1 only supported table-top mounting. To support this placement flexibility, Optoma has increased the amount of digital Keystone Correction available to +5/-10 vertical, ±5° horizontal. The built-in SmartFIT app also allows for hassle-free image alignment from a smartphone.

In addition to these new features, Optoma also improved the noise level slightly. The CinemaX P1 was at 26dB, the new P2 measures at 24dB making it just a bit quieter than the P1.

Overall, the CinemaX P2 builds on the great features in the P1 and Optoma is seemingly looking to continue to enhance this model as one of their flagship home theater options. The Cinemax P2 is available now and has a suggested retail price of $3,300.

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