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Home Theater – Capsule (short) Review: Optoma H57 Projector Physical Tour

My complaint is that they are large and occupy too much of the screen area

As a result they can get in the way when you are trying to see an area as you change settings. (not that you will need to do much to perfect the image). The projector has 4 basic settings: In addition to the previously mentioned Cinema, Normal (best for TV, HDTV), Vivid (handling some ambient light – football games if needed), plus Dynamic (every ounce of energy to overcome lots of ambient light. Then there is the user setting – and for each input – such as DVI, you can save 5 different user settings. Optoma says there are 15 settings in all, so if you are a tweaker, this will keep you in heaven for months.

The remote control is one of the smaller ones for a home theater projector, but it does all the important things, especially providing the ability to switch between the image modes (Cinema, Normal…). I’m just not impressed with it.


Optoma H57 Projector Physical Slide Show