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Neo-i Pico Projector and Sound System – Warranty

The Neo-i Pico Projector comes with a 1 year limited parts and labor warranty. That’s actually better than many electronics in this price range, which only come with 90 day warranties. One year seems most reasonable to us. One year is also the most typical warranty for stand alone projectors under $1000 (though there are some 2 year warranties).


From a competitor’s standpoint, there is a different, yet similar product from WoWee, that we plan to review but don’t know its warranty as of this writing. The much larger and heavier (9.5 pounds) Epson all-in-one MovieMate projectors come with 2 year warranties, but Epson tends to be a market leader in warranties. All their projectors have two years, and most have a replacement program.

I think of the Optoma Neo-i as sort of a boom box with projector , and that kind of perspective has you seeing products mostly with those 90 day warranties. A thumbs up for Optoma, in terms of warranty.