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Optoma GT760 Projector - "The Experience"

Posted on December 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

User Friendly

To start off, the projector comes straight out of the box and connects easily. Despite the instructions and useful CD, I skipped all that in true MAN style to set this up ASAP.  I had no intention of deducting from my fun time for something as trivial as instructions. I found the GT760 to be extremely user friendly.

My wife (who is not an obsessed AV type) looked on and even participated in the set-up without ever showing any sign of a indifference but rather, interest instead. This is the same person who gave me that long tired but faint smile when she caught me “field-stripping” a video processor on the dinner table. In time, she grew almost as excited at the prospect of a quick big-screen setup as I was…almost.

I then proceeded to run it off four-different sources, a standard Blu-Ray player, a Playstation game system, running it with a laptop and even a cheap portable video player (the kind you get at Walmart for less than $20 for the kids to play with). The whole idea was not dedicated home theater or high-end rental and staging; I was going for “gamer-ingenuity” that right now, as I speak to you is being played out in dormitories, barracks, apartments and small residences around the world.

Okay, this is not a SIM2 or a Runco, but its sales price also doesn’t exceed the amount of a working-dude’s paycheck either. This is why such products are flying off the shelves of big box retail outlets as more and more people tune in to just how affordable this kind of fun can be.

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